UNK Antelope is on the web

Dr. Keith Terry
Department of Communications, 308.865.8735

Miss last week’s University of Nebraska at Kearney student newspaper the Antelope? Problem solved, now the Antelope is on-line and dates back to Nov. 7, 2002.
Webmaster Tara Goetz of Hastings and assistant Janae Ekstein of Brainard, have been working on the Antelope newspaper website since the beginning of November and it’s time to reveal the address to the public. The site can be reached from the “current students” page on the UNK website or at www.unk.edu/theantelope.

“[The website] took a couple of weeks to figure out the design, what was going to be on the site and how exactly everything was going to link together,” Goetz said. Goetz is in charge of keeping the website updated with the weekly Antelope articles and determining the design of the webpage.

Other duties Goetz and Ekstein have are updating the Antelope calendar, loading past Antelope issues and attaching audio and video files to various articles.

The on-line Antelope offers weekly articles prepared by Antelope staff, live weather forecasts, staff pictures, contact information for the Antelope and media files with video interviews of faculty, staff and students. The media files are created by UNK’s TV station, KFTW and KLPR the campus radio station.

Goetz and Ekstein work with Antelope Managing Eitor, Jodi Bailey of Broken Bow, to receive the stories, pictures, audio and video files and place them on-line in a timely manner each week. “It is possible to have the media files on-line because the Department of Communication is small and houses journalism, broadcasting and multimedia majors,” Terry said.
The on-line paper will allow radio, broadcast and print journalism students to work together. “A student reporter can go out to a game, talk with a player and put the interview on-line,” Keith Terry, department chair and professor of communications, said.

“One of the department’s goals is to bring the broadcasting systems and newspaper together with the Web, giving the students the education and skills they will need in today’s job market,” Nanette Hogg, assistant professor of communications, said.