Sixty-Six Students to Present Research at National Conference

Dr. Ken Nikels

A record number of 66 undergraduate students from the University of Nebraska at Kearney will travel to Salt Lake City, Utah to present research at the University of Utah’s National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) on March 13 – 15.

“NCUR gives students an opportunity to present research papers aimed at their specific discipline and tell other interested students about what they learned,” Ken Nikels, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, said.
The following students have had their research accepted for presentation at the 2003 conference:

James Dukesherer
Leanne Fritsche
Jim Scott Fighting the War on Drugs: The United States and Plan Columbia, 2000-2002
BRIDGEPORT Emily Munter Wyatt Hoback Trap Success for Small Mammals and Carrion
Beetles Differs Between Two Counties Along
the Platte River
COLUMBUS Jerod Trouba Greg Broekemier Outshopping Perceptions and Behaviors of Rural Retailers
GRAND ISLAND Kaylinn Riley
HUMPHREY Season Molczyk
KEARNEY Stephanie Richter
OMAHA Ryan Hatt
DANBURY Dana Uehlin Greg Broekemier Level of Awareness of Hydroponic Vegetabels in a Rural Area
KEARNEY Kim Wemhoff
DAVIDCITY Julia Mowers Claude Louishomme Waves of Change in the Social Fabric of
Nebraska: A Comparative Analysis of the Integration of Minority Populations in
DAVIDCITY Deanna Schatz Carol Lilly Catherine the Great: Russia’s Oxymoron
ELKHORN Emily Ohm Keith Terry The Effects of Homosexual Imagery in Print Advertising
FARMINGTON Christopher Ferris Jim Scott Intellectual Property Rights in a Global Era:
The Dilemma of Protecting Rights While
Promoting Progress
GIBBON Pamela Schoenrock Diane Duffin Facilitating the Election of a Female President:
Applying the Lessons of Women in Democratic Governments to the United States
GRANDISLAND Taffnee Faimon Charles Peek Sustaining the Platte River
GRANDISLAND Sara L.Wilson Krista Forrest The Effects of Ruminative Thought on False Confession Rates
GRANDISLAND Sara L.Wilson Krista Forrest The Effects of Defendant Community Support and Occupational Prestige on Juror Decision-Making in Criminal and Civil Court Cases Making in Criminal and Civil Court Cases
KEARNEY Brad Musil
OMAHA Paula Sieczkowski
GRANT Chad Cook Kate Heelan Exercise Mode and Gender Comparisons of Energy Expensiture at Self-Selected Intensities
KEARNEY Ryan Krueger
HENDERSON Mindy Boehr Peter Longo The Impact of Water and Water Legislation on
Nebraska’s Family Farms
HERSHEY Brian Jensen Joseph Springer Determining the Defecation rate of Wild
Turkey, Meleagris Gallapavo in Nebraska
HICKMAN Carie Steele Jim Scott Assisting Democratization? The Nature and Impact of Democracy Support by the United States, 1990-2000
HOLDREGE Brian Leonard Christopher Exstrom Tunability of Charge-Transfer Energies in
Cadmium Complexes
HOWELLS Kevin Vogel Jose Mena Werth Short-term Solar Irradiance Variability
IMPERIAL Beth Bremer Joan Blauwkamp Media Coverage of Presidential Candidates
During the 1996 and 2000 Primaries
IMPERIAL Amanda State Debbie Bridges Perceptions of Conservation’s Impact
JOHNSONLAKE Nolan Jurgens Sherri Harms Game Development in Visual C++ With
Direct X
KEARNEY John C. Brewster William Aviles Effects of the North American Free Trade Agreememt on Enforcement of Environmental
Regulations in Mexico
KEARNEY Mindy Doss
KEARNEY Aaron Estes Peter Longo The Constitutionality of Title IX
KEARNEY Wendy Fie Claude Louishomme Why Citizens Take on the Initiative
KEARNEY Maribeth Jorgensen Rick Miller The Effects of Partner’s Appearance on
Perception of Physical Attractiveness
KEARNEY Dustin Kozal John Hastings Determination of an Efficient Algorithm to
Calculate Short-Term Solar Variability
KEARNEY Ashley Larsen Jim Scott After the Rio Summit: Assessing the
Implementation of Agenda 21 on Sustainable
Forest Development
KEARNEY Lisa Meadows Carol Lomicky American Beauty – A Media Content Analysis
KEARNEY Brad Musil David Rozema The Cause of Confusion: The Problem of Aristotle’s Final Cause
KEARNEY Chuck Rowling Jim Scott Food and Foreign Policy: Hubert Humphrey
KEARNEY Tanis Saldivar Daryl Kelley Effects of Family Social Capital on Youth’s
Educational Attainment
KEARNEY Vernon Volpe Jose Mena Werth Analysis and Determination of an Optimal Method to Find Short Time Scale Solar
KEARNEY Laron Williams Jim Scott Worlds Apart: East Asian Development Model and Economic Growth
MINDEN John Madsen Wyatt Hoback Non-Indigenous Nebraska: A Catalog of the Introduced Species of Birds, Fish, and Plants of the Platte River Ecosystem
MINDEN Scott Meisenbach Michael Mosher Substituted Isoxazoles by a Palladium- SOUTH SIOUX CITY Matthew Beaver Mediated Nucleometalation/
OGALLALA Nathan Eidem Steele Becker A Comparative Study of Groundwater Nitrate-
Nitrogen Levels in Two South Central Nebraska Townships
OGALLALA Felipe Zuluaga William Aviles Plan Colombia and its Success: Two Competing Views of the Drug War
O’NEILL Jessica Baker Theresa Wadkins Predictors of Racial Profiling SYRACUSE Lisa Fisk
OMAHA Briana Duffy Peter Longo The Working Mother: Are Her Children a
Blessing or a Burden to an Employer?
OMAHA Paula Sieczkowski Peter Longo Ring v. Arizona: The Future of the Death
Penalty in Nebraska
PALMER Faye Kilday Carol Lomicky Romance Novels: Changing with the Times
PAPILLION Brian Meade Peter Longo Towards Cooperative Water Policy: Platte
River Lessons for International Relations
PAWNEECITY Matthew Miller John Hastings Platform Independent Distributed Networked
POTTER Megan McKinney Julie Shaffer Investigation of the Efficiency of Ephemeral
Wetlands to Remove Pathogens from the
SCOTTSBLUFF Shea Holman W.Wyatt Hoback Isopods of the Platte River Valley Differ in
Their Response to Flooding and Desiccation
ST. PAUL Merrill Latta Joan Blauwkamp Racial Profiling as a Law Enforcement
Technique in the Wake of September 11th
VALPARAISO Becky Karel Peter Longo Human Genome Project Introduces New
Discrimination and Loss of Privacy
WAYNE Heather Stauffer Carol Lilly How London Conquered the Blitz during
Battle of Britain
WESTERVILLE Amanda Ruzicka Marc Albrecht A Fine Scale of Cattle Grazing Patterns
KANSAS Hays Allison Spicer Steele Becker Is There Enough Water? An Analysis of the
City of Kearney’s Water Supply
MINNESOTA Rosemont Jamin Mrkvicka Debbie Bridges Is Poverty a Problem in Rural Nebraska?: An
Examination of Five Counties Along the Platte
Lancia Darville Christopher Exstrom Analysis of Iron Content in the Platte River
Water Using Ultra Violet Visisble Spectroscopy and Atomic Absorption
Carlos Arias Jim Scott Education: Keystone of Power in the
International Global System
JAPAN Seiki Muratani Jim Scott Article 9 and Japan’s Dilemma
Olga Stasishena Jim Scott International Economic Organizations: A
Friend or a Foe to Globalization?