Ann Tillery

The Pratt-Heins Foundation Faculty Awards were announced at the
Faculty/Staff Opening Convocation on Aug. 23 by Tom Tye, trustee of the
Pratt-Heins Foundation. Since 1981, the Pratt-Heins Foundation has
recognized outstanding members of the university faculty based on their
contributions in the areas of Scholarship and Research, Service and

For the second time in the history of the awards, two faculty members were
chosen for the Scholarship and Research award. The first recipient for the
Scholarship and Research Award went to Dr. Gene Fendt, professor of
Philosophy. According to Tye, Fendt has been described as “One of the most
versatile and prolific writers on campus.”

Fendt was recognized with a national endowment for the Humanities Fellowship in the summer of 2001 and recognized by the Nebraska Arts Council with an individual artist fellowship in 1999.

Fendt’s many accomplishments include publishing four books, 19 articles,
nine reviews, 40 poems and presenting 27 papers in places like Denmark,
England, Greece and Villanova University. Fendt received his B.A. from
Marquette University; his M.A. from the University of Chicago; and his Ph.D.
from the University of Texas.

Dr. Richard Miller, professor of Psychology, also received the Scholarship
and Research Award. Miller has published 27 journal articles, authored or
co-authored 26 published technical reports and 10 abstracts.

“His research is notable because of its’ variety, depth of analysis and
engagement of particularly challenging topics,” Tye said. “Miller has
chaired the Psychology department since 1990 and has not only dedicated
himself to his own research, but has continually encouraged his students and
fellow faculty to excel scholastically as well,” Tye said.

Miller has presented papers at 91 conferences nationally and internationally
and has helped over 81 of his students to present their research at regional
and national conferences. Miller earned his B.S. from Weber State and his
Masters and Ph.D. from Northwestern University.

Pratt-Heins Service Award was presented to Dr. Roger Davis, professor of
History. Davis has given countless hours of service to the university and
the community. At UNK, he has participated in faculty senate for 12 years,
serving on the executive committee and acting as president. Davis has
helped select a new chancellor, revise the general studies program and
create the center for teaching excellence.

Davis’ list of community involvement includes: Six years on the executive
committee of the North Central Conference of Latin Americanists; Member of
the National History Honor Society, Phi Alpha Theta; Nebraska State
Historical Records Advisory Board; Editor of the Buffalo County Historical
Society’s publication, “Buffalo Tales”; member of Kearney Tomorrow’s task
force; United Way volunteer; Boy Scout leader and many others.
Davis received his B.A. from Youngstown State and his Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.

Pratt-Heins Teaching Award was given to Dr. Kenya Taylor, Department Chair
of Communication Disorders. Tye said, “She cares for her students. She
expects them to work hard, but she is always there for them despite her
hectic schedule.”

Prior to arriving at UNK in 1996, Taylor was in private practice for many
years. She earned her B.A. and Masters from Baylor University and her Ph.D.
from the University of Tennessee. While teaching at Texas Christian
University, she earned the Mortar Board preferred professor four times.
According to Taylor’s own teaching philosophy, she says, “The messages I
hope to give to my students are excellence, professionalism, caring,
advocacy, involvement and responsibility.”