Annual “Celebrating Excellence” Luncheon To Be Held

John Lakey
vice chancellor for Business & Finance, (w) 308.865.8205

The annual Celebrating Excellence luncheon at the University of Nebraska at Kearney will take place April 19 at HPER in the Cushing Coliseum. The luncheon will begin at 12:30 p.m. and will honor fifteen university retirees and staff and faculty for their years of service to UNK.

Tickets for the luncheon are $6.95 and can be purchased at the cashier window of the Finance Office in Founders Hall through April 16.

Retirees from the 2001-2002 academic year and their respective departments are:

Staff: Earl Anderson, facilities/HVAC; John Caranza, residential & Greek life; Terry Christensen, learning materials center; William Davis, public safety; Rosemary Fisher, residential & Greek life; Leonard Holzinger; facilities/motor motor pool; Chery Marr, career services; Lucille Marsh, residential & Greek life; Connie Schriner, residential & Greek life

Faculty: Elsie Cafferty, business administration/education; Guy Murray, Hyper/athletics; Tom York, modern languages/chancellors office; Ivan stones, mathematics & statistics; Annabell Zikmund, music & performing arts; Dale Zikmund, business administration/education

Service awards will be given to the following employees:

40 Years: Maurine Eckloff, communications

35 Years: Donn Carslon, physics & physical science; Kent Emal, communication disorders; Gerald Hueser, health, physical education & recreation; Robert Lind, geography & earth science; Rosella Meier, health, physical education & recreation; Bedford David Sinclair, English; Gary Zaruba, art & art history

30 Years: Gene Koepke, management/marketing: Claris Lewis, facilities; Mary Losey, KASE/certification officer; Beverly Mathiesen, chancellor’s office; Jean Mattson, budget office; Larry Riessland, finance office; Ruth Schmitz, management/marketing; Dale Zikmund, business administration/education

25 Years: Teara Archwamety, computer science & information systems; Dennis Brown, criminal justice; Randal Haack, business & finance; Mary Iten, health, physical education & recreation; John Lakey, human resources; Yozan Mosig, psychology; Pamela Proskocil, history

20 Years: Kimberly Christensen, business services; Connie Cox, teacher education; Theresa Fraley, financial aid; Paul Frink, custodial; Jane Jameson, music & performing arts; Larry Kuskie, industrial technology: Carol Lomicky, communications

15 Years: Jan Barton Zimmerman, business administration/education; Kathryn Benzel, English; Kit Brisbin, residential & Greek life; Gregory Broekemier, management/marketing; Kenneth Cepel, facilities; Dennis Choplin, facilities; Thomas Dennis, art & art history; Donald Envick, industrial technology; Eugene Fendt, philosophy; Carol Hines, facilities; Howard Jacobson, art & art history; Allan Jenkins, economics; Karen Jones, residential & Greek life; Wesley Kellog, publications & printing; Marlene Kuskie, counseling & school psychology; Joy Kutsch, custodial; Lillian Larson, communication disorders; Lutfi Lufiyya, mathematics & statistics; Mary Lyons, custodial; Craig Marxsen, economics; Kenneth Messersmith, computer science & information systems; Michael Miller, facilities; Connie Mitchell, health science programs; Darrell Morris, athletics; Charles Peek, English; Keith Terry, communications; Joni Weed, career services

10 Years: LeAnn Amm, admissions; Ruth Behlmann, English; Charles Bicak, biology; Golanda Borrego, custodial; Wayne Briner, psychology; Heidi Carpenter, information technology services; Zavier Chavez, modern languages; Donna Day, business services; Julie Dinsmore, counseling & school psychology; Barbara Emrys, English: Thomas Eshleman, economics; Scott Fredrickson, teacher education; Gloria Geiselman, learning center, Terry Gibbs, management/marketing; Marilyn Hadley, education, Charlene Hildebrand, teacher education; Mary Klesath, business administration/education; William Lewis, university relations; Joy Lindhom, residential & Greek life; Carol Lilly, history; Douglas Lynn, physics & physical science; Trecia Markes, physics & physical science; Jose Mena-Werth, physics & physical science; Suzanne Petersen, counseling center; Steven Rothenberger, biology; David Rozema, philosophy; Scott Sands, academic computing; Sue Schuyler, modern languages; Thomas Scofield, counseling & school psychology: William Shafer, grounds; Donald Sluti, management/marketing; Mary Sommers, financial aid; Geraldine Stirtz, teacher education; Corliss Sullwold, international student services, Cynthia Taylor, university communications; Paul Twigg, biology; Barton Willis, mathematics & statistics; Rosemarie Wilson, library