Dr. Nathan Buckner
of Music and Performing Arts, 308-865-8608

Darleen Mitchell, University of Nebraska at Kearney professor of music and performing arts, will host concert on March 25 as part of the Concerts on the Platte Series.

The concert will begin at 7:30 in the UNK Fine Arts Recital Hall. Mitchell, playing the piano, will be accompanied by other UNK professors of music and performing arts. The faculty members include Franziska Nabb on the flute, Jason Edwards playing the clarinet, Robert Mitchell on the tuba, Anne Foradori in soprano, Nathan Buckner and Valerie Cisler playing the piano, and Marty Garringer on the organ. In addition to these professors, Ron Crocker, music and performing arts chair, and Rodney Miller, dean of fine arts and humanities, will join the concert in charge of the percussion and baritone saxophone, respectively.

The selections played will include Illuminata, Translucent Unreality No. 2, Songs of Women, Liaisons, Psalms for Special Days, Five Meditations, and Antiphonal Dreams: Psalm 31.

Admission is free and open to the public.