Corliss Süllwold
International Education associate director, 308.865.8946

To experience the culture and food of over 48 countries, one would have to travel the world but one can experience all this in one night in Kearney. The 2002 International Food Festival showcases the culinary and fine art talents of many of the international students who attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The festival, which is March 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Health and Sports Center, kicks off the 2002 James E. Smith Conference of World Affairs which runs March 10-12.

Along with preparing food, students will also bring their countries’ culture to light with a variety of performances. Students will perform vocal music such as their national anthems, instrumental music, and dances from Japan, Nepal, Zambia, Kenya, West Africa, Bahamas, Colombia, Germany, India, Brazil, Mexico, and Sri Lanka. Entertainment will also be provided by Masaji Terasawa a.k.a. the Candy Man who is one of Epcot Center’s performers. He will create toys of melted sweets in an art similar to glass blowing.

“This festival is a chance for the public to try food from different countries and to see many performances and dress from different countries,” said Thiago Silva, Vice-President of the International Student Association (ISA). The International Food Festival is organized by the ISA. The executive board is comprised of President Stayko Staykov of Bulgaria; Vice-President Thiago Silva of Brazil; Treasurer Santa Ran Susarapu of India; and Public Relations are Ashim Saina of India, Vanessa Alencar of Brazil, and Manisha Desai of Zambia.

“Last year we served 1700 people and this year we hope to serve at least 2000 people, ” said Silva. The food festival is sponsored by Morris Press who provides the food which the students use to prepare and compiles a cookbook with all of recipes of the food that is prepared. These cookbooks are available free of charge to those who attend and this event is free and open to the public.