The University of Nebraska at Kearney recently announced the numbers for the fall 2001 semester. Freshman, undergraduate transfer and graduate student numbers have increased as well as nonresident enrollment at UNK.

First time freshmen numbers increased 6.4%. The increase is the second largest since UNK became part of the University. The undergraduate transfer student numbers have increased by 12.9%. This is the largest increase in transfers since 1991. Graduate enrollment is up for a third year in a row by 1.5% and first time graduate enrollment on the UNK campus increased by 14.2%.

Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Jim Roark commented, “Enrollment gains reflect the efforts of many individuals and units. Admissions and Financial Aid personnel were critical to the effort, as were deans, departmental chairs, faculty and staff.”

Roark added, “Increasingly, UNK students and their families are recognizing that UNK offers prospective students a “private college” experience in a university setting. Classes are small; they are taught by full-time faculty; and numerous opportunities are available for substantive out of class learning experiences. Further, our technology resources are exceptional, and our campus infrastructure is rapidly improving.”

Figures also show enrollment of Nebraska freshmen is up 1% despite a 1.6% decline in the statewide high school senior class. Buffalo County enrollment at UNK is up 25% including a 9% increase of students from Kearney High School and a 40% increase of students from Kearney Catholic High School. UNK student enrollment from Kearney County is up 24% while Adams County is up 22%. Lancaster County enrollment at UNK, including Lincoln, is up 15%. The UNK Honors Program enrollment has increased over 40% for the fall of 2001.