The third annual Student Research Day at the University of Nebraska at Kearney took place April 23 in the UNK Health and Sports Center.
The Student Research Day featured research projects and conferences on language and literature. There were poster presentations of student research projects in various fields of study.
Also taking place was the Student Conference on Language and Literature. There was 25 undergraduate students presenting papers on various topics. The awards are as follows:

Student Choice: Kamara Graves of Kearney and Andrea Moomey of Holdrege, “A Musical Theatre Workshop: The Belt Voice.” Faculty advisor: Anne Foradori.
First Place: Amber Gloystein of Kearney, “Daniel Goleman’s Perspective on Leadership: Meshing Emotional Intelligence with Leadership Style.” Faculty advisor: William Jurma.
Second Place: Brenda Tincher of Potter, “A Comparison of Piano Pedagogy in the U.S. and Russia.” Faculty advisor: Valerie Cisler.

Behavioral/Social Sciences
Student Choice: Amy Parker of Kearney and Erin Haskill of Elm Creek, “Partner’s Effects on Physical Attractiveness.” Faculty advisor: Richard Miller.
First Place: Nancy Claymon of Kearney and Grant Benker of Kearney, “The Effect of Group Membership on Evaluations of Moral Transgressions.” Faculty advisor: Richard Miller.
Second Place: Stephanie Anderson of Amherst, “Cultural Syndromes ads Potential Indicators for the “What is Beautiful is Good” Stereotype.” Faculty advisor: Richard Miller.

Natural/Physical Science
Student Choice: Rick Thaden of Litchfield and Andrew Bishop of Kearney, “Carcass Burial and Preparation by Burying Beetles Reduces Carcass Discovery by Other Carrion Beetles (Coleoptera Silphidae).” Faculty advisor: Wyatt Hoback.
First Place: Jeremy Kroemer of Arapahoe, “Anal and Oral Secretions of Burying Beetles Nicrophorous marginatus Inhibit Bacterial Enzyme Activity.” Faculty advisors: Joanne Scalzitti and Wyatt Hoback.
Second Place: Kayla Hamersky of Omaha, “Quantification of Volatile Organic Compounds in Soil-Vapor Extractor Headspace by Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromotography/ Mass Spectrometry.” Faculty advisor: Diana Aga.

Professional/Applied Sciences
Student Choice: Stephanie Kollmar of Norfolk, “Advertising and the Tri-City Arena.” Faculty advisor: Nita Unruh.
First Place: Jennifer Everman of Gibbon, “Tourist Information and Search Strategies.” Faculty advisor: Nita Unruh.
Second Place: Miranda Mortenson of Neligh and Josh Frizzel of Osceola, “City of Kearney Citizen Satisfaction Survey.” Faculty advisor: Greg Broekemier.

Graduate Studies
Student Choice: Courtney Lamberson of Dannebrog, Jen Gohr of Omaha, Amy Hellman of Kearney, and Kara Meinke of Lincoln, “Effect of the Phytoestrogen Zearalenone on Dopamine and Serotonin Receptor-Mediated Behaviors.” Faculty advisor: Joanne Scalzitti.
First Place: Justin Krahulik of Kearney, “Land Management Effects on Invertebrate Diversity in Riparian Meadows of the Platte River in South- Central Nebraska.” Faculty advisor: Wyatt Hoback.
Second Place: Darin Falk of Columbus, “Reliability of pQCT and Common Laboratory Tests in Elementary Children.” Faculty advisor: Richard Seip.

Sigma Xi
Behavioral/Social Sciences
Sheila Hollander of Kearney, Tiffany Pallas of Wilber, and Andrea Madsen of Holdrege, “The Effects of Altered Feedback on Speech Performance.” Faculty advisor: William Wozniak.
Natural/Physical Sciences
Alexandra Paz of Kearney, “Chronic Estrogen Treatment Enhances Serotonin-2A Receptor Function Without Affecting the Antidepressant Efficacy of Mianserin.” Faculty advisor: Joanne Scalzitti.

Student Conference on Language and Literature
Outstanding Undergraduate Student Paper in Literary Criticism
Carla Manchester of Wahoo
Outstanding Undergraduate Student Paper in Language/Composition Studies
Cindi Preisendorf of Grand Island
Outstanding Graduate Student Paper
Krista Medo of Elwood