UNK- Incoming students enrolled at the University of Nebraska at Kearney will take part in the 2000 Summer Advising and Enrollment program starting May 31.

Approximately 1,200 students are expected to be on campus throughout the summer in preparation for the fall 2000 semester.

Mary Daake, director of academic advising UNK, said the summer program is vital to new students as they receive academic advising which allows them to enroll in classes, and they also get to spend time on campus to get to know the university better.

“Essentially, this is a program that eases the transition into the university for new students,” Daake said.

Summer Advising and Enrollment, the first phase of the freshman orientation process, focuses on giving new students information they’ll need before they actually arrive at the university in the fall. During the summer phase, the several groups of students are divided into small sections for the day’s activities that include consultation with a faculty adviser, registration for fall classes, a campus tour and different presentations on student concerns and activities. Parents also spend the day getting an overview of university services and learning how to help their student succeed in college.

The second phase begins when students arrive on campus in the fall. During those sessions, students are able to collect more detailed information on the different departments and campus services that are offered.

Daake said the program evolves each year.

“Every year we try to assess the program and make it better for students and for parents,” she said. “Hopefully every year becomes better than the last.”

For more information regarding the Summer Advising and Enrollment program at UNK, contact the office of admissions at (308) 865-8526.