Ask an Antelope: Patty Seevers greets campus guests with a welcoming smile

Patty Seevers loves welcoming people to campus.

Located at the Welcome Desk inside the Nebraskan Student Union, she assists students and their families during visits and also enjoys her interactions with current Lopers entering this hub of campus activity.

“I love to greet visitors to make them feel welcome while visiting our beautiful campus, but more importantly, I get to see students, faculty and staff daily. I love asking students how they are doing and helping them if they need anything,” said Seevers, an office associate with UNK Admissions.

The Cozad native has worked at UNK for 10 years, first as an office associate in Student Health and Counseling before transitioning to her current role two years ago.

Why is it important for prospective students to go on campus tours?
Students need to make sure the college they are attending is a good fit for them. They think they know the college because they have visited it for a sporting event or another event but get the true feel of campus when they come to visit. They also get to visit an adviser in the field they want to study, which really helps with their decision. The student and the parents get a ton of information when they visit.

When students and families visit campus, what do you hope they take away?
I hope it is the best college visit they have been on. I want them to feel like UNK would be a great place to continue their education. I want parents to feel good about their students attending UNK and not worry about their safety. I want them to know UNK will go above and beyond to please them.

I also love to hear visitors’ comments about how beautiful the campus is and the amazing growth at UNK. Additionally, I want both students and parents to feel welcome at UNK. I want them to feel like UNK is a “happy place.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
My days are never boring because I see so many people. I love that. And it never hurts to offer the students advice, whether they want it or not, haha.

Share a fun fact about yourself:
I have a beautiful little granddaughter, Violet, who is 2 years old. I also love being involved in community events. I was president of the Kearney Catholic Foundation for five years and have chaired the Kearney Catholic GOLD Dinner Auction twice with my husband.