UNK graduate student highlighting history of Nebraska ammunition storage site

WHAT: Brown Bag Lecture Series

HOSTED BY: UNK Department of History

Tatiana Moore
Tatiana Moore

TITLE: “Becoming Vital Defense Territory: The History of the Sioux Ordnance Depot”

TOPIC: In 1942, the U.S. government arrived in Sidney, Nebraska, and constructed the 20,000-acre Sioux Ordnance Depot. For 25 years, this ammunition storage site provided employment for a variety of individuals, contributed to the county’s economy and became an important site in Nebraska’s military history. Although it closed in 1967, the site maintains most of the 800 original storage igloos and several buildings.

PRESENTER: Tatiana Moore is a graduate student studying public history at UNK. She earned her bachelor’s degree in 7-12 history education from UNK in 2020 and taught social studies in a public school system. Her research focuses on Nebraska’s military history, particularly during the World War II and post-war periods, as well as Asian American experiences during these eras.

TIME: Noon

DATE: Wednesday, Feb. 14

PLACE: Kearney Public Library, 2020 First Ave.

CONTACT: Nathan Tye, assistant history professor, 308.865.8860, tyen@unk.edu