Students return to new meal plans; Chartwells renegotiates contract with UNK

New Meal Plan

Complete overview and details outlining the new UNK meal plans:

KEARNEY – University of Nebraska at Kearney students return from winter break with new meal plans that offer them more food, more flexibility and more convenience – without costing them more.

Through a renegotiated contract with dining provider Chartwells, UNK is simplifying meal options and adding Dining Dollars to let students eat more often at the retail restaurants in the Nebraskan Student Union and across campus. The new plan expands their buying ability and flexibility at campus coffee shops and restaurants, while maintaining their regular residential dining access at The Market@27th and Louie’s Diner.

The contract was finalized late in December, and the new meal program started immediately with students’ arrival for spring semester when campus dining services opened Sunday.

The renegotiated agreement brings $1 million in additional investment to UNK, including a new lineup of restaurants in the Union this fall. Those restaurants will be announced at a later date.

Restaurants currently operating in the Union include Rustic Range Burgers & Fries, Lantern Asian Cuisine and Subway.

“UNK values our input from students and their families, and we understand the significance of affordability and value while attending UNK,” said Scott Benson, Director of Business Services. “Quality, affordability, convenience and flexibility are the most important themes in the feedback we hear from students.

“Through a new agreement with our dining contractor, Chartwells, we are now able to offer these new options to our students, and we immediately put the new plans into place to bring better value and convenience.”

Benson said the plans will continue into future semesters. The renegotiated contract continues through June 2021.


Contact: Scott Benson, Director of Business Services, 308.865.8431, Meal Plan Poster