DOUG BIGGS: Dots, Batman and Aaron Rodgers

Doug-Biggs-HalloweenDoug Biggs, professor of history at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, shares his thoughts on Halloween.

What is the best Halloween costume you had as a kid?
The one I remember the most was when I was eight, nine or 10 years old. I loved Batman. I got to be Batman for a couple years in a row until I got too big for the costume.

What was your favorite treat to receive as a kid?
Any candy! Any kind of chocolate. I loved gummy candy, like Jujyfruits or Dots. I could just eat that stuff until the cows came home. Even today, if you put a box of those in front of me, I would gorge it all. That’s why I can’t buy that stuff.

What’s the worse treat that anyone could give out?
I hated – and I never ate – those popcorn balls people would make and give out. I just never ate those because I thought they were gross. Or Rice Krispy treats. I’ve never liked those either. I thought it was gross; all that overdose on sugar.

Count Dracula, Frankenstein, Freddy Kruger or Casper?

Why Frankenstien?
I think he’s cool, and he’s construct. He has these parts of all these different people. Count Dracula is kind of boring. You see so many Dracula movies that it’s just like ‘oh, whatever. Some other guy is biting somebody in the neck. Oh, all right, whatever.’ Casper the Friendly Ghost? No. That’s too wimpy.

If you dressed up now, what would your costume be?
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

– Interview by Austin Koeller, UNK communications

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