From Cribbage to College: What the next wave of college students were doing 10 years ago

Right now you’re probably deciding what college to attend, what to major in and what to do with the rest of your life. Oh, how times have changed! Here’s a look back at 13 things you might have been doing 10 years ago, during simpler days:

1. Matching just about any outfit with your new Ugg boots.


2. Sharing your music files on a “thumb” drive for the first time.

Flash Drive3. Daydreaming about living the Suite Life with Zach and Cody

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

4. Joining the LIVESTRONG team with an awesome yellow wristband…if we only knew!


5. Discovering the world of Narnia.

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

6. Discovering YouTube on a “Lazy Sunday” and singing “Chronic-(WHAT!)-cles of Narnia!”

Lazy Sunday

7. Glued to the TV with your parents watching Hurricane Katrina coverage, and swearing you’d never go to New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina

8. Begging your parents for a Leapster or Vtech pocket learning system.


9. Spending about 3 days playing your Leapster or VTech pocket learning system before your best friend introduced you to a video iPod.


10. Begging your parents for a video iPod.



11. Going to the mall and using your allowance to buy a shell necklace.

Shell Necklace

12. Dressing up like your favorite Harry Potter character and waiting in line for the midnight premiere. (Don’t deny it!)

Harry Potter
Photo courtesy

13. Shocking your parents by innocently jamming out to “My Humps.”



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