Student arrested for threat at UNK

KEARNEY – University of Nebraska at Kearney Police have arrested a 19-year-old student in connection with the evacuation of the campus library this week.

The student was booked into jail in Buffalo County on Thursday for threatened use of explosives, a Class IV felony. Charges against the UNK student are pending.

On Wednesday, UNK evacuated the Calvin T. Ryan Library after an anonymous threat was made using social media.

UNK Director of Police and Parking Services Michelle Hamaker said officers located the individual via the social media channel on which the threat was made, and tracked it back to the student. The social network Yik Yak was where the alleged threat was observed. Yik Yak cooperated with UNK Police in tracking the threat.

“The university does not tolerate threats to our campus,” Hamaker said. “The safety of our students, employees and guests is of utmost importance, and we will investigate these crimes to the fullest.

“People must understand that information posted through social media is traceable. Never assume that anything you put out there is anonymous, even when advertised that way,” added Hamaker.

The student’s conduct is being reviewed by UNK officials. The student’s name is not being released by the university at this time.


Contact: Kelly Bartling, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Comm. & Community Relations, 308.865.8455
Contact: Todd Gottula, Director of Communications, 308.293.2602 (mobile), 308.865.8454 (office)
Contact: Michelle Hamaker, UNK Director of Police, 308.865.8517

One thought on “Student arrested for threat at UNK

  1. Sadly – there is always more being told on the local television news and in the Kearney Hub than what is put ‘out’ to students, staff and faculty!

    According to the Hub – the student’s name was released: “Authorities have formally charged a 19-year-old freshman accused of sending a bomb threat to the University of Nebraska at Kearney via social media network Yik Yak.
    Matthew Skinner of Ogallala was charged in Buffalo County with threatening to use explosives, a felony. The university says Skinner’s student status is pending. A student conduct team will review his case.”

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