Summer document cleaning plan set for July 8-9

Paper Stacks

Chancellor Kristensen is designating July 8-9 as faculty and staff Paper and Electronic Clean-up Days. While it is important that our office operations not be neglected, he asks that you make records clean-up and compliance a priority on these days.

“This is a gift of time to you to get our paperwork and files organized and purged if needed. It’s difficult to get done unless we prioritize,” Kristensen said.

More details will follow, but here are the basics:

  • July 8 (Tuesday) will be paper day. Dumpster locations for non-confidential materials will be announced. Here is a link with details about procedures for elimination of confidential materials:
  • Note that paper containing sensitive data must be stored in a secure location while awaiting destruction, and then cross-cut shredders must be used.
  • July 9 (Wednesday) will be electronic data and email day. ITS and the Help Desk will be staffed to help people with questions about backing up or deleting their data. Remember to never store Social Security numbers on electronic devices.


  • Board of Regents, State of Nebraska and other federal regulations require consistent, prescribed, records management, including retention and destruction depending on the type of record and applicable rules.
  • Individual offices should consult their procedures and supervisors before purging paper or electronic materials.
  • Each unit has unique compliance timelines. Further, there are timelines for specific artifacts within units.

Guidance may be found on page 45-46 of the Business and Finance Policies and Procedures at – nameddest=Records_Retention_Schedule

UNK’s record officer is Deb Huryta.

This effort is being facilitated by the chancellor’s office, and Business and Finance’s HR and Facilities offices, and assisted by ITS.


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