Mike Dilbeck: Speak up, challenge negative behaviors

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KEARNEY – Motivational speaker Mike Dilbeck will stress the importance of speaking up and challenging negative behaviors during a presentation at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Titled “Response Ability: Being and Every|Day Hero,” the talk is at 7 p.m. Wednesday (April 2) in the Ponderosa Room at the Nebraskan Student Union.

In his interactive workshop, Dilbeck equips students and others with skills to challenge negative behaviors they see around them every day and to inspire others to do the same.

He concentrates on giving his audience three powerful life skills to use whenever they see unhealthy or negative behavior among their peers, in their classes, on their campuses and in their lives:

  • Target Problem: Any problem that needs some kind of intervention;
  • Transcend Barriers: Powerful thoughts that will be in the way of intervention; and
  • Take Action: Any action to make the difference in a problem situation.

Dilbeck reveals how people participate in bystander behavior and includes situations where he personally witnessed harmful situations and let them occur without intervening.

Dilbeck is a Chicago-based filmmaker turned advocate. Since 1990, he has created educational projects aimed at empowering young people.

He has produced more than 60 educational and promotional film projects for higher education organizations, earning awards and a reputation for challenging negative social norms in college student communities.

The program is sponsored by the UNK Women’s Center and Greek Life.


Source: Cammie Schwartz, 308.865.8279, schwartzcj2@unk.edu
Writer: Todd Gottula, 308.865.8454, gottulatm@unk.edu

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