Kenya Taylor thanks campus for role in reaccreditation process


Dear UNK Community,

I want to express my appreciation for your involvement in our North Central Association reaccreditation process. Whether you wrote sections of the self-study, edited and provided suggestions regarding the self-study, worked on the planning and preparation for the site visit, or participated in one or more of the meetings with the site visitors, these efforts resulted in an extremely positive outcome.

During the exit report, the site team noted excellence and/or improvements in all areas of our campus, from curriculum to the grounds. The team emphasized the strength of UNK’s expressed mission and its reflection in the work of administrators, faculty, staff and students around the campus.

There were a few suggestions of areas that we can improve, but that is expected, as these accreditation efforts are meant to help campuses grow and improve. More importantly, the site visitors did not indicate that there were any areas where the university did not meet expectations of each criterion set forth in the accreditation requirements. As an NCA site visitor myself, I have rarely heard an exit report that was so encouraging.

The exit report provided by the site team in no way is meant to be complete. The team will continue to work on their report for the next several weeks. Once that report is sent to us, we will have an opportunity to respond to errors of fact. Then, the team will submit a final report with recommendations as to status for reaccreditation. This entire process will take approximately four to six months. When we are in receipt of the final report it will be shared with the campus.

Believe it or not, I have truly enjoyed leading our reaccreditation efforts. I have learned so much about UNK, and I have had the opportunity to work closely with many of you. I feel extremely privileged to work with such a dedicated and caring group of people – all of whom realize that our students are why we are here.

Kenya S. Taylor
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
Dean for Graduate Studies & Research

One thought on “Kenya Taylor thanks campus for role in reaccreditation process

  1. Kenya,

    You did an outstanding job of pulling together all of the pieces to showcase UNK and its strengths. The next ten years will continue to build on the strong foundation of this success.



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