Senior art exhibition features Berglund, McPhillips, Tafoya

KEARNEY – Three art majors at the University of Nebraska at Kearney will have their senior projects displayed through Nov. 15 in the Walker Art Gallery inside the Fine Arts Building.

The Fall 2013 Exhibition features the work of Katie Berglund, North Platte; Molly McPhillips, Humphrey; and Lanisa Tafoya of Omaha. They will host a reception from 4 to 6 p.m. Sunday as part of the exhibition.

Information about the artists and their projects:

“Through the use of dramatic shading, my goal is to capture the uniqueness of the human eye," says Katie Berglund.
“Through the use of dramatic shading, my goal is to capture the uniqueness of the human eye,” says Katie Berglund.


Berglund’s work includes charcoal and chalk pastel pieces titled “Masked,” “Mysterious” and “Hidden,” among others.

“One of the first things I notice when I look at a person is their eyes. So much emotion and character can be expressed just through the eyes alone,” said Berglund. “Through the use of dramatic shading, my goal is to capture the uniqueness of the human eye.”

Berglund is undecided about her career choice after graduation and will enter the job market.

"TELEPHONE" by Molly McPhillips
“TELEPHONE” by Molly McPhillips


Her project includes Styrofoam and bronze sculptures, ceramics, acrylic and oil mediums with titles including “Fame,” “Blue Lace,” “Jetson’s Teapot” and “The Couch.”

“My work depicts young women exploring the world, escaping into the glory of nature, where they inevitably discover their own unique path. … I want young women to be empowered by my art, knowing that it is perfectly acceptable to venture into the realms of self-discovery and find happiness in the uniqueness of the person they are,” McPhillips said.

McPhillips is traveling to Ireland for UNK’s Study Abroad program this spring.

"Baby Triplets" by Lanisa Tofoya
“Baby Triplets” by Lanisa Tofoya


Her work features black and white graphite pencil portraits with titles such as “Baby Triplets,” “Brotherly Love” and “A Man of Thought.”

“I will be representing portraits from infants all the way up to the elderly to show the growth and change in one’s face,” she said. “For me, and through my body of work, I am trying to show that through a portrait it is more than just a face. It is life, and it comes to life once you feel what they are feeling. “

Following graduation Tafoya intends to land a job in the fields of Spanish and sociology where she can work with families and children. She also wants to start her own business involving portrait drawings in graphite or pastels.

The Walker Art Gallery is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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