Sixth Annual Latina Youth Leadership Conference set for Thursday, Feb. 28, at UNK

Ingrid Rodriguez, Latina Youth Leadership Conference co-chair, 308.865.8127

The Sixth Annual Latina Youth Leadership Conference (LYLC) is set for Thursday, Feb. 28, at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

The conference, titled “Be a Girl With a Purpose, a Woman With Attitude And a Lady With Class,” will take place in the Nebraskan Student Union. UNK members of Lambda Theta Nu sorority organize the annual conference.

“We seek to help young girls set firm, clear and realistic educational goals,” said Ingrid Rodriguez, a UNK student from Grand Island. “We hope to educate middle school girls and promote the importance of pursuing a higher education.”

The members of Lambda Theta Nu invite middle school girls of all ethnicities to the conference. The conference offers workshops to help develop leadership skills, enhance self-esteem, instill cultural and ethnic pride, and heighten awareness of the attainability of higher education. The majority of the students who will attend are from Grand Island, Lexington, Gibbon and Hastings.

“At the conference, we also help young girls understand the necessary academic steps they should take in high school that will prepare them for college,” said Mayra Ortiz of Schuyler. “Our goal is to make a difference in a young girl’s life by surrounding her with the right tools to succeed in her future.”

The conference will promote leadership while engaging in discussions about issues affecting the students, as well as offering solutions that will empower the young women to succeed in the face of challenges.

“It takes passion and commitment to make this conference be a successful event,” Ortiz said. “That is one of the assets each and every one of my Lambda sisters portrays on a daily basis, and it is what makes this conference as successful as it has been in past years.”

Lambda Theta Nu members who planned the conference are listed below, alphabetically by hometown.

Columbus – Damaris Godoy
Grand Island – Ingrid Rodriguez
Grand Island – Nayelly Rodriguez
Grand Island – Stephanie Sotelo
Grand Island- Yanira Rivera-Erives
Kearney – Ana Martinez
Lexington – Carolina Aroche
Schuyler – Katherine Daviu
Schuyler – Martha Arroyo
Schuyler – Mayra Ortiz
Scottsbluff – Mayra Perez
Scottsbluff – Rosy Villa
York – Gladis Zapata