Dr. John Falconer
director of Sponsored Programs, 308.865.8496

The National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) has selected 21 students from the University of Nebraska at Kearney to present their research at the national conference in April.

Students worked in collaboration with faculty mentors to design and conduct original scholarly projects over the past year. The conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

“We are excited to announce that 100 percent of our UNK applicants were accepted this year,” said Dr. John Falconer, UNK director of undergraduate research and creative activity. “That speaks very well for the quality of scholarly projects that students are doing.”

More than 3,500 students from across the country applied to the conference this year.

UNK students who will give NCUR presentations are listed below, alphabetically by hometown, followed by their research project titles and their faculty mentors:

Cozad- Kyle Gibbens. “Smoking and Pregnancy: Is the Damage Already Done?” Dr. Janet Steele, biology.

Cozad- Kendra Harbison. “Bacterial Isolates of Kokjohn Pond in the Western Nebraska Sandhills.” Dr. Julie Shaffer, biology.

Dorchester- Adam Kahle. “Electromyography in the Gastrocnemius and Tibialis Anterior, and Oxygen Consumption, Ventilation and Heart Rate During Minimalist Versus Traditionally Shod Running.” Dr. Gregory Brown, health, physical education and recreation.

St. Edward- Kevin Carder. “From Here to Timbuktu: How Traveling Shapes One’s Views of the Wider World.” Dr. Satoshi Machida, political science. 

Farnam- Wesley Edson. “Jail Time or Waste of Time.” Dr. Joseph Carlson, criminal justice. 

Genoa- Brandon Drozd. “Collegiate Greek Leadership Influence on Professional Success.” Dr. Amber Messersmith, communication.

Grand Island- Amanda Swenson. “Health Care Reform: The Impact on Businesses and Managers.” Dr. Michelle Fleig-Palmer, management.

Greenwood- Hayley Rudder. “The environmental effects of the Keystone XL pipeline on the threatened and endangered species of Nebraska.” Dr. Paul Twigg, biology. 

Hickman- Amanda Hagstrom. “Stressed or Chill? Response of Nestling Red-winged Blackbirds to a Perceived Stressful Event.” Dr. Letty Reichart, biology.

Kearney- Lisa Klingelhoefer. “Keeping Downtown Businesses Involved and Vital in Development Organizations.” Dr. Greg Broekemier, marketing and MIS.

Lincoln- Rebecca Swenseth. “University Athletics Attendance: Determining Factors that Affect Students’ Decisions Regarding Attending NCAA Division II Sporting Events.” Dr. Greg Broekemier, marketing and MIS.

McCook- Jeffery Brittenham. “Effective Astronomy Laboratory Activities for Little to No Cost in Rural Areas.” Dr. Jose Mena-Werth, physics and physical science.

Minden- Adrian Sanabria-Diaz. “Expansion of EPA RadNet Protocol for Dosimetry.” Dr. Robert Price, physics and physical science.

Norfolk- Margaret Fennessy. “Selection of Creative Individuals Through Interviews to Facilitate Innovative Organizational Cultures.” Dr. Michelle Fleig-Palmer, management.

North Platte- Nathan Brady. “Efficient Multiplexing and Demultiplexing of Light’s Angular Momentum.” Dr. Luibov Kreminska, physics and physical science.

Omaha- Kayla McMahon. “Alignment of Gold Nanoparticles by Liquid Crystals to Develop Visible Light Polarizers.” Dr. Luibov Kreminska, physics and physical science.

Ravenna- Rachel Nozicka. “Duplicity in ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.’” Dr. Kathryn Benzel, English.

Roca- Alyx Lingenfelter. “Impacts for non-native American bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus) on native amphibians at Valentine National Wildlife Refuge, Nebraska.” Dr. Keith Geluso, biology.

Scottsbluff- Justin Vogel. “The Funeral Service Industry: Consumer Knowledge and Perceptions.” Dr. Greg Broekemier, marketing and MIS.

Seward- Joshua Moravec. “Data Analysis of an Expansion of the EPA’s RadNet Radiation Dosimetry Protocol.” Dr. Robert Price, physics and physical science.

Japan- Koichi Sato. “Reduction of Phase at Different Incident Angles of a Spatial Light Modulator.” Dr. Luibov Kreminska, physics and physical science.