Shaye Champ-Mino
President of Sigma Tau Delta, 308.240.0901, or

Nine University of Nebraska at Kearney English students have been selected to present their work at the Sigma Tau Delta International Convention in Portland, Ore., in March.

More than 800 works—including short stories, poetry and critical pieces—were submitted by students across the nation for possible presentation at the conference.

“These students were accepted for a blend of critical and creative pieces,” said Shaye Champ-Mino, UNK Sigma Tau Delta chapter president. “We had six students go last year, so nine this year is very impressive.”

Sigma Tau Delta is an international honor society whose membership is open to all students, regardless of major, who have completed at least six credits of English beyond the freshman level. Sigma Tau Delta participates in community and campus activities that promote English learning, fellowship with fellow members and faculty at monthly meetings, and fund-raising activities.

Students presenting works are listed below, alphabetically by hometown, followed by the work they will present:

Beatrice- Charisa Ramsey, “Another Love Story,” short story
Grand Island- Alexander Emery, “Ohana, Snapshots of I and My Children,” poetry
Lindsay- Lacey McPhillips, “A Different State of Mind,” short story
Kearney- David Pearson, “Pleasure of Returning,” critical piece

Kearney- Shaye Champ Mino, “Subjectivity and the Witch: Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Wee Free Men,’” critical piece

Kearney- Aaron Rothenberger, “Where is my Wonderland?,” short story

Kearney- Kaitlyn Darveau, “Stealing Orchids,” short story

Omaha- Justin Zyla, “From the Deviation,” short story

Wallace- Celeste Lempke, “Faulkner’s ‘Pantaloon in Black’: Fringe Stories,” critical piece