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Brian Hastings, president and CEO of the University of Nebraska Foundation, will give the winter commencement address Friday, Dec. 14, at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

In all, 418 graduates will receive degrees during the 10 a.m. ceremonies at the UNK Health and Sports Center. Of the 418, 316 will receive undergraduate degrees, and 102 will receive graduate degrees.

Hastings has served as president and chief executive officer of the University of Nebraska Foundation since July. He came to Nebraska from Ohio where he was executive director of The Ohio State University’s $2.5 billion fundraising campaign, in addition to serving as senior associate vice president at the university. Hastings has more than two decades of experience in higher education fundraising, along with strong expertise in implementing university-wide advancement strategies.

An Ohio native, Hastings got his start in “the development profession” as a freshman at Ohio State in 1991. He found his passion in a job where he called alumni and friends of the university to solicit donations. He moved on to supervising a part-time staff of 60 student callers.

He has worked as assistant director of annual giving at the University of Dayton, director of development for the College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Ohio State, and senior associate vice president and fundraising campaign executive director.

The Friday ceremonies will open with the National Anthem, performed by Jordan Peterson of O’Neill. Hilke Brandon of Alma will present Senior Class Reflections. Both Peterson and Brandon are graduating seniors. Robert Phares, member of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents will give greetings.

UNK Chancellor Doug Kristensen will give the welcome and will present the Leland Holdt/Security Mutual Life Distinguished Faculty Award.

For those unable to attend commencement in person, the event will be available as a webcast. The information for the webcast is located on the UNK homepage, or by visiting In addition, individuals on campus can view ceremonies via Campus Cable TV.

The graduates are listed below in three groups: graduates from Nebraska, graduates from across the United States and international student graduates. Nebraska graduates are listed in alphabetical order by hometown. Out-of-state graduates are listed in alphabetical order by state. International graduates are listed alphabetical order by country.


NOTE: Abbreviations that appear in the listings, and what they represent, are as follows:

Undergraduate Degrees:
BA – Bachelor of Arts
BAE – Bachelor of Arts in Education
BS – Bachelor of Science
BSE – Bachelor of Science in Education
BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
BGS – Bachelor of General Studies

BM – Bachelor of Music

Graduate Degrees:
EDS – Education Specialist
MA – Master of Arts
MAE – Master of Arts in Education
MS – Master of Science
MSE – Master of Science in Education
MBA – Master of Business Administration

NOTE: Subject abbreviations in listings include:

ADMIN, Administration; BIOL, Biology; BUS, Business; CHEM, Chemistry; COMM,
Communication; COMP, Comprehensive; CONST, Construction; DEVEL,
Development; DIST, Distribution; ECON, Economics; EDU, Education; ELEM,
Elementary; EMPH, Emphasis; END, Endorsement; ENVIR, Environmental; GEO,
Geography; INDUS, Industrial; INFO, Information; INTERP, Interpretation; MARK,
Marketing; MATH, Mathematics; MGMT, Management; MOD, Moderate; PHYS,
Physical; PROD, Production; SCI, Science; SECOND, Secondary; SCHL, School;
SOC, Social; STU, Students; SP ED, Special Education; SYS, Systems; TECH,
Technology; THEA, Theatre; TRANS, Translation; VOC, Vocational.

NOTE: HONORS. Students graduating with honors have the honors and selected honors organizations noted after their names. Honors, along with the grade point averages necessary to earn those honors, include: summa cum laude, 3.90-4.00; magna cum laude, 3.80-3.89; cum laude, 3.70-3.79; and honorable mention, 3.50-3.69. Honors organizations and the designations listed after students’ names include: Honors Program (H), Mortar Board (MB) and Phi Kappa Phi (PKP).
Students are listed below, alphabetically by hometown, along with their degrees, majors and honors:




Ainsworth      Dustin Thornton       BAE    Social Science 7-12           H

Albion Beau  Beckwith       BS      Business Economics Comp

Alexandria     Joy     Barton          MAEd Special Education

Alliance         Ashley          Shimp BS      Business Administration Comp

Alma   Hilke   Brandon        BS      Sports Administration Comp         Cum Laude   H, MB

Amelia          Debra Cameron      BS      Family Studies

Amherst        Colin   Pfeiffer         BS      Sports Administration

Amherst        Arika   Russell         MAEd Special Education

Anselmo       Logan Mason          BS      Exercise Science Fitness & Wellness Comp

Anselmo       Jess   Wells  BS      Telecommunications Management Comp

Ansley          Bryan Fangmeyer   MAEd School Principalship 7-12

Arapahoe      Adam Borden         BS      Industrial Distribution Comp

Arcadia         James          Meyerhoffer  BS      Business Administration Comp          Honorable Mention

Arlington       Megan          Schutt BS      Criminal Justice       Honorable Mention

Arnold Megan          Luck   BSE    Biology 7-12  Honorable Mention

Arthur Anna  Carr    BA      Economics              H

Ashton          Jessica         Davis  BS      Psychology

Aurora          Megan          Gibilisco        BS      Interior Design Comp

Aurora          Jessica         McClure-Holt BAE    Elementary Education

Axtell  Danielle        Hoffmann      BA      Psychology

Axtell  Jade   Olson BAE    Elementary Education

Ayr     Jeffrey          Hamik MS     Biology

Battle Creek Rochelle       Bonner         BAE    Language Arts 7-12 Summa Cum Laude H

Beatrice        Melissa         DuBois          BAE    Early Childhood Unified          Honorable Mention

Beatrice        Stephanie     Korus BS      History-Social Science Comp

Bellevue        Heidi   Sanger         MAEd School Principalship PK-8

Benkelman    Kyle    Glidden         BS      Business Administration Comp

Bertrand       Jordan          High   BAE    Social Science 7-12

Blair    Allison Mussack       BS      Business Administration Comp

Blair    Kyle    Smith  BS      Recreation Management

Blue Hill        Cody  Bland  BS      Criminal Justice Comp

Boelus          Emily  Anderson      BS      Psychology

Brady Melissa         Shepherd      MSEd School Counseling-Secondary

Cairo  Kala    Suntych        BAE    Elementary Education        Honorable Mention

Cambridge    John   Dutton          MSEd Community Counseling

Central City   Samuel         Kuck   BS      Business Administration Comp

Clay Center   Michael         Kinyoun        BS      Criminal Justice

Clearwater    Kyle    Kerkman       BS      Construction Management Comp Cum Laude

Columbus     Nicole Classen        BS      Social Work Comp

Columbus     Kaleigh         Emerson       BAE    Elementary Education

Columbus     Shelley         Frear  MA     History

Columbus     Chantelle      Kush   BAE    Elementary Education

Columbus     Mark   Snitily BAE    Health & PE K-12

Comstock     Andrea         Nuxoll BFA    Visual Communication & Design Comp

Cook  Joseph         Mannschreck          BS      Business Administration Comp          Cum Laude

Cozad Tyler   Branstiter      BS      Information Technology

Cozad Samantha     Daharsh        BAE    Language Arts 7-12

Cozad Ryan  Levell  BS      Computer Science Comp   Magna Cum Laude

Cozad Kayla  Topinka        BAE    Elementary Education        Cum Laude

Crete  Hilary  Smith  MAEd Special Education

Crete  Derek Spence         MAEd Art Education

Crofton         Dawn  Murphy         BAE    Early Childhood Unified

Crofton         Todd   Strom EdS    School Superintendent

Curtis Anthony        Chancellor    BAE    Social Science 7-12

Dalton Abbie  Olson BS      Social Work Comp   Honorable Mention

Dannebrog    Deena Frink   BS      Organizational Communication Comp

David City     Tanya Windham      EdS    School Superintendent

Doniphan      Abigail Cyboron        MBA   Business Administration

Doniphan      Jered  Jones BS      Business Administration Comp

Doniphan      Kinzie Lienemann    BSE    Communication Disorders

Doniphan      Jordyn          Mlinar BAE    Mild Moderate 7-12

Doniphan      Nicholas        Williams        BS      Psychology

Dorchester    Tana   Nelsen          MAEd General Physical Education

Elba    Jed     Dush  BS      Criminal Justice       Cum Laude

Elkhorn         Mark   McLaughlin   MAEd Reading PK-12

Elkhorn         Joshua         Raymond      BS      Sports Administration

Elwood         Mary   Elliott  BAE    Elementary Education

Elwood         Kylea  Foss   BS      Business Administration Comp

Elwood         Devin  Gall    BS      Agribusiness Comp

Elwood         Bryson          Mahlberg      BAE    Health & PE K-12    Magna Cum Laude

Eustis Jordan          Rieker BS      Business Administration     Honorable Mention

Fairbury        KiLee  Edson BAE    Social Science 7-12 Honorable Mention

Fairbury        Michael         Gaston         BS      Recreation Management

Franklin        Shane Carraher       BS      Criminal Justice Comp

Fremont        Jamie Bentley         BA      Theatre

Fremont        Elizabeth       Hartung        MAEd Curriculum & Instruction

Genoa          Amy   Melcher        BAE    Early Childhood Unified

Gibbon         Ivonne          Grado BA      Spanish

Gibbon         Lindsey         McKeon        BS      Psychology

Gibbon         Harold Smallcomb    MA     History

Gordon         Jolee  Nielsen         MAEd Special Education

Gordon         Dustin Pulido BAE    History 7-12

Gothenburg  Kylee  Malcom        BAE    Elementary Education        Magna Cum Laude

Gothenburg  Angela          Richeson      MSEd Instructional Technology

Gothenburg  Michelle        Stevens        MSEd School Counseling-Elementary

Gothenburg  Alyson          Thorman       BS      Organizational Communication Comp

Grand Island Becky Berven          BAE    Elementary Education        Honorable Mention        H

Grand Island Katelyn         Dennis          BS      Business Administration Comp

Grand Island Emily  Fierstein       BS      Family Studies        Magna Cum Laude

Grand Island Vanessa       Gauthier       BAE    Health & PE K-12    Honorable Mention

Grand Island Ellyn   Gonnerman  BS      Interior Design Comp

Grand Island Jennifer        Green BFA    Visual Communication & Design Comp          Cum Laude

Grand Island John   Kaup  MAEd School Principalship 7-12

Grand Island Cole   Kruger          BS      History-Social Science Comp       Cum Laude H

Grand Island Elizabeth       Lewis  BSE    Communication Disorders  Cum Laude   H

Grand Island Kevin  Liess  BAE    Health & PE K-12

Grand Island Zach   Obermiller     BAE    Health & PE K-12

Grand Island           Nathan         Peters BS      Construction Management Comp

Grand Island Cristian         Rodriguez     BSE    Communication Disorders  Magna Cum Laude   H

Grand Island Vanessa       Schutte         BAE    Elementary Education        Summa Cum Laude

Grand Island Brittany         Seawell         BA      English-Writing; English 7-12          Honorable Mention

Grand Island           Elizabeth       Spiehs          BAE    Elementary Education          Honorable Mention

Grand Island Mindy Ulmer MSEd School Counseling-Secondary

Grand Island Pedro Vasquez       BS      Social Work Comp

Grand Island John   Vieth   BS      Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp

Grand Island Kellee Vodehnal      BAE    Early Childhood Unified      Honorable Mention

Grand Island Alyssa White  BFA    Visual Communication & Design Comp   Cum Laude

Grand Island Benjamin      White  BS      Molecular Biology Comp    Cum Laude

Grant  Nathan         Borowski       BS      Jour: Public Relations        Honorable Mention

Grant  Craig  Loeffler         BAE    Elementary Education        Honorable Mention  H

Greeley        Christine       Duda  MSEd Community Counseling

Gretna          Michael         Pajeda          BAE    Health & PE K-12

Haigler          Sandra         Evans BS      Business Administration Comp

Hampton       Krystal          Nunnenkamp BA      Jour: Mass Media

Hastings       Jimmie          Combs          MAEd School Principalship 7-12

Hastings       Christine       Cottam         BA      Theatre         Summa Cum Laude

Hastings       Justin Drudik BS      Sports Administration Comp         Honorable Mention

Hastings       Trent  Kelly   EdS    School Superintendent

Hastings       Ross   Koch   BAE    Middle Grades 4-9

Hastings       Brittney         Kramer         BAE    Early Childhood Unified

Hastings       Gavin Raitt   BS      History-Social Science Comp

Hastings       Jeffrey          Schneider     EdS    School Superintendent

Hayes Center          Terra  Bishop          BAE    Middle Grades 4-9

Hayes Center          Andrew         Rowley         BS      Business Administration Comp

Hemingford   April    Nelson          BS      Family Studies

Henderson    Ronald          Wall    MBA   Business Administration

Hershey        William          Nitsche         BS      Construction Management Comp

Hildreth         Brett   Bebensee     BA      English-Writing

Hildreth         Jacob Fritz    BS      Criminal Justice

Hildreth         Taylor Rupe  BS      Business Administration Comp

Holdrege       Brandon        Frerichs        MSEd Community Counseling

Holdrege       Olivia  Frerichs        MSEd Community Counseling

Holdrege       Jena   Isaacson       BS      Psychobiology         Summa Cum Laude          MB

Holdrege       Kara   Wilder BAE    Elementary Education        Honorable Mention

Howells         Rachel          Vogel  BFA    Studio Art Comp      Summa Cum Laude H, MB

Imperial        Emma Fulton BAE    Art K-12        Honorable Mention

Imperial        Tracy  Metz   BS      Industrial Distribution Comp

Imperial        Nicholas        Talbott          BS      Family Studies

Juniata         Jenae Meyer BAE    Elementary Education

Kearney        Brett   Alexander     BS      Criminal Justice

Kearney        Janelle          Beutler          BS      Criminal Justice

Kearney        Kathryn         Bock   BS      Family Studies

Kearney        Megan          Buerer          BAE    Middle Grades 4-9   Honorable Mention

Kearney        Justin Chramosta    BSE    Middle Grades 4-9

Kearney        Ashlee          Clark  BS      Biology Comp

Kearney        Brittany         Cudaback     BA      English-Writing        Honorable Mention

Kearney        Rachel          Decker          BS      Information Technology     Summa Cum Laude

Kearney        Andrew         Hudson         MAEd Physical Education Exercise Science

Kearney        David  Hunter          BS      Computer Information Systems

Kearney        Craig  Kirschner      BS      Business Administration Comp     Summa Cum Laude   H

Kearney        Angela          Klaus  BS      Sociology

Kearney        Nathan         Klaus  BGS   General Studies

Kearney        Micayla         Koelling         BAE    Elementary Education

Kearney        Kyle    Kuypers        BA      English-Writing

Kearney        Amber          Lemmer        BAE    Middle Grades 4-9

Kearney        Ruoyu Li        BS      Business Administration Comp

Kearney        Zachary        Margheim     BM     Music Comp            H

Kearney        Amanda        McConnell     BAE    Elementary Education

Kearney        Adam McLaughlin   BS      Jour: Mass Media

Kearney        David  Pohl    BS      Criminal Justice Comp

Kearney        Aaron Poorman       BS      History-Social Science Comp

Kearney        Sonya Push   BA      Spanish                  H

Kearney        Ashley          Salinas         BS      Family Studies

Kearney        Marissa        Schleiger      BAE    Elementary Education        Summa Cum Laude

Kearney        Stuart Schweitz       BS      Exercise Science Fitness & Wellness Comp

Kearney        Shane Smith  BA      English

Kearney        Jessica         Steenson      BS      Social Work Comp

Kearney        Chad  Stogdill         BS      Political Science      Honorable Mention

Kearney        Michelle        Stoller BS      Social Work Comp

Kearney        Kimberly       Stones          BS      Athletic Training Comp

Kearney        Sarah Sundermeier BAE    Early Childhood Unified      Honorable Mention

Kearney        Alice   Sweat BS      Social Work Comp

Kearney        Nathanael     Tinkham       BS      Sports Administration          Honorable Mention

Kearney        Richard         Wamsley      BS      Industrial Distribution Comp

Kearney        Michael         Weaver         BS      Construction Management Comp

Kearney        Lindsey         Wright MSEd Community Counseling

Kearney        Alexis Zinnel BS      Business Administration Comp

Kenesaw       Taylor Jacobitz        BS      Business Adminstation Comp

Kenesaw       Lacey Mack  MA     History

Kimball         Jessica         Abplanalp      BAE    Health & PE K-12    Honorable Mention

Kimball         Steven          Burback        BS      Geography and GIScience

La Vista        Steven          Crane BAE    Mild Moderate 7-12

Lawrence      Jamie Fike    BS      Family Studies        Honorable Mention

Lexington      Nancy Andrade-Juarez      BAE    Elementary Education

Lexington      Jason Luft    BAE    Health & PE K-12

Lincoln          Katherine      Flentie          BS      Business Administration

Lincoln          Caitlin Golden         BS      Exercise Science

Lincoln          Kasandra      Michl  BS      Social Work Comp

Lincoln          Justin Stonacek      BS      Business Administration

Lincoln          Keith   Swift   MAEd School Principalship 7-12

Lincoln          Matthew       Turco  BS      Biology

Lincoln          Philip  White III        BAE    Social Science 7-12

Lincoln          Dillon  Woodrum      BAE    Social Science 7-12

Lindsay         Kent   Schumacher BS      Interior Design Comp         Magna Cum Laude

Lindsay         Jennifer        Wegener       BAE    Elementary Education        Summa Cum Laude   H

Litchfield       Brandon        Siegel BAE    Health & PE K-12    Cum Laude   H

McCook        Kirstie Hiatt   BS      Social Work Comp

McCook        Audrie Krepcik         BSE    Middle Grades 4-9   Cum Laude   H

McCook        Ty      Lafferty         BS      Physical Science

McCook        Austin Martin BS      Social Work Comp   Honorable Mention

McCook        Corinne         O’Dea BA      English-Writing        Cum Laude   H

McCook        Joni    Unger BAE    Early Childhood Unified      Summa Cum Laude

McCook        Zachary        Volquardsen  BS      Sports Administration

McCool Junction      Trevor Bellows         BS      Construction Management Comp

Merna Kathrine        Griffith          BFA    Visual Communication & Design Comp          Honorable Mention

Milford          Hannah         Troyer BS      Social Work Comp

Miller  Aaron Murray          BS      Business Administration Comp

Milligan         Brian  Nadherny      BAE    Health & PE K-12

Minden         Lea     Jameson       BS      Exercise Science     Honorable Mention

Minden         Molly  Mroczek       BAE    Elementary Education

Mitchell         Gavin Denton         BS      Aviation Systems Management Comp

Morrill Kasey Dietz   BS      Business Administration Comp               H

Morrill Jordyn          Duncan         BS      Psychobiology                   H

Morrill Jordan          Gonzales      BA      Political Science                MB

Mullen Shane Young BS      Geography and GIScience Summa Cum Laude

Nebraska City         Michelle        Burton          MAEd School Principalship 7-12

Neligh Benjamin      Fullerton       BS      Physics

Newman Grove       Alexander     Jacobson      BS      Exercise Science Fitness & Wellness Comp

Norfolk          Nicole Erwin  BAE    Elementary Education        Cum Laude

Norfolk          Mariah          Ramold         BS      Psychology   Summa Cum Laude

North Platte  Jason Fisher BS      History-Social Science Comp

North Platte  Setera          Gannon        BAE    Elementary Education        Cum Laude

North Platte  Kyle    George         BS      Criminal Justice

North Platte  William          Gregg BS      Political Science      Cum Laude   H

North Platte  Alexis Hinrichsen     BS      Criminal Justice       Honorable Mention

North Platte  Rebecca       Jacobson      BS      Social Work

North Platte  Robyn Lopez BAE    Elementary Education

North Platte  Eric    Rosenberg    BS      Business Administration Comp

North Platte  Katie   Thomsen      BAE    Health & PE K-12    Honorable Mention

North Platte  Michael         Woodruff      MAEd Special Education

Odell  Steven          Vitosh MS     Biology

Ogallala        Riley   Chandler       BA      English

Ogallala        James          Keating         BA      Political Science

Ogallala        Tanner          Kirchner        BS      Criminal Justice Comp          Honorable Mention

Ogallala        Lauren          Rudolph        BAE    Music K-12; Music Performance Comp Honorable Mention

Omaha         Eric    Fuhrmeister  BS      Construction Management

Omaha         Amber          LaBudda       MAEd Art Education

Omaha         Antonio         Lopez BS      Mathematics

Omaha         Rebecca       Sevela          BA      History          Cum Laude

O’Neill Ryan  Janousek      BS      Jour: Advertising

O’Neill Brittany         Petersen       BAE    Elementary Education        Summa Cum Laude

O’Neill Jordan          Peterson       BM     Musical Theatre Comp       Honorable Mention

Ord    Erica   Scheideler     BAE    Mild Moderate K-6

O’Neill Brady Torpin BS      Business Administration Comp     Honorable Mention

O’Neill Grant  Torpin MAEd School Principalship 7-12

Overton        Madison        Aten   BSE    Middle Grades 4-9   Cum Laude

Overton        Alison Robinson      BS      Family Studies

Overton        Shalee          Ryan  BS      Family Studies

Oxford          Torri   Lechtenberg  MSEd Science/Math Education

Oxford          Zachary        Nielsen         BS      Exercise Science

Palisade        John   Blomstedt     BAE    Social Science 7-12

Papillion        Laura  Eckhardt       BAE    Elementary Education

Petersburg    Danielle        Kuhlman       BS      Social Work Comp

Pierce Crystal          Bauermeister          MSEd Instructional Technology

Pleasanton    Stephen        Hunter          BS      Computer Information Systems

Pleasanton    Trevor Paitz   BS      Construction Management Comp

Pleasanton    Zackary        Rasmussen   BS      Construction Management Comp

Pleasanton    Kathryn         Strate BAE    Elementary Education

Potter Kristin Kasten          MAEd Reading PK-12

Ralston         Andrew         Miller  BS      Geography and GIScience

Ralston         Michele         Mulder          MSEd Instructional Technology

Ravenna       Aaron Habe  BAE    Health & PE K-12

Ravenna       Michael         Ripp   BS      Construction Management Comp

Ravenna       Mary   Rogers         BA      Spanish Translation & Interpretation

Riverton        Jeralynn        Lucht  BS      Athletic Training Comp

Rockville       Jennifer        Hanisch        BS      Organizational Communication Comp

Sargent        Anne  Morse BS      Social Work Comp   Cum Laude

Schuyler       Jayme          Houdek         BS      Athletic Training Comp

Schuyler       Jered  Kohl    BS      Industrial Distribution Comp

Scotia Kristine         Linke  BAE    Elementary Education        Summa Cum Laude H

Scottsbluff    Sarah Elger  MSEd Instructional Technology

Scottsbluff    Amy   Krichau         BS      Exercise Science     Cum Laude

Scottsbluff    Alfredo          Lara   BS      Construction Management Comp

Seward         Sarah Hanika          MSEd Instructional Technology

Shelton         Logan Bruner          BS      Respiratory Therapy Comp

Sidney          Alexandra     Primm BAE    Elementary Education        Cum Laude

Sidney          Ryan  Smith  BSE    Physical Science 7-12

St. Libory      Kevin  Bergstrom     MSEd Community Counseling

St. Libory      Ashley          Dvorak          BAE    Elementary Education

St. Libory      Aleta   Loghry          BAE    Elementary Education        Honorable Mention

St. Libory      Samuel         Spiehs          BS      Broadcasting

St. Paul        Emily  Fairbairn       BAE    Elementary Education

St. Paul        Kathryn         Olsufka         BAE    Elementary Education        Magna Cum Laude

St. Paul        Andrea         Placke          BAE    Music K-12

Stratton        Elizabeth       Bohochik       BAE    Elementary Education

Sutton Jeri     Schelkopf      BS      Social Work Comp   Magna Cum Laude

Syracuse      Jessica         Bohling         MAEd School Principalship PK-8

Taylor Trysta Gruber          BAE    Language Arts 7-12

Unadilla        Kimberly       Juilfs   BS      Criminal Justice Comp

Utica   Katie   Hohensee     BAE    Elementary Education        Cum Laude   H

Valentine      Andrea         Krueger        MAEd Curriculum & Instruction

Waco  Brittany         Dally   MSEd Community Counseling

Wahoo          Justin Barry  BS      Industrial Distribution Comp

Wallace        Celeste         Lempke        MA     English

Waverly        Nathan         Holz    BS      Social Work Comp

West Point    Matthew       Hinkel MAEd School Principalship 7-12

West Point    Craig  Theis  MAEd School Principalship PK-8

Western        Michelle        Dutton          BAE    Early Childhood Unified      Magna Cum Laude

Wilber Benjamin      Emeigh         BAE    Middle Grades 4-9   Magna Cum Laude  H

Wood River   Kevin  Mayfield        MSEd Instructional Technology

Wood River   Michele         Pittman         BAE    Mild Moderate K-6

York   Steven          Rasmussen   BS      Industrial Distribution

Yutan Kyle    McGuire       BS      Construction Management Comp




Fairbanks Sonya Harrell BS Information Technology



Tucson Charles McCaffrey MA History



Danville Carrie Crockett MA English

El Cajon Heather Peterson MS Biology

Los Angeles Yumiko Muroi MS Biology

Los Angeles Bich Tran MS Biology



Aurora Howard Warford, Jr. BS Criminal Justice

Centennial Sean Styerwalt BS History-Social Science Comp

Fort Collins    Parker Jolly BS Political Science Honorable Mention

Glenwood Springs    Sunny Harrison MAEd Art Education

Highlands Ranch Ryan Skogg BS Business Administration Comp

Merino Kylie   Hauer BFA Visual Communication & Design Comp Magna Cum Laude

Thornton Kevin Knudson MAEd School Principalship 7-12

Wray Shelly Wade MAEd Reading PK-12



Jacksonville John Henderson MS Biology PKP

Miami Beach Rashard King BS Criminal Justice

Miami Beach  Hairol Rosa     BA Spanish

Orlando Carrie Dishman MAEd Art Education



Humboldt Jack Laughter BAE Social Science 7-12

Manning Bailey Halbur BA     Sociology Honorable Mention H

Wallingford Seth Lundgren MS Biology



Aurora Heather Lambert MSEd Instructional Technology

Geneva Jennifer White MSEd Instructional Technology

Indiana Dayton Dennise Jordan MA History

Lafayette Angelina Fielding MA History

Vincennes Charles Joyce MA History



Garden City Shannon McNeill BS Psychology Comp Honorable Mention



Whitman Leonardo Fernandes MS Biology



Millersville Shaun Miller MS Biology



Lapeer Kurt Birkle MSEd Instructional Technology

Muskegon Daniel Nesbitt MAEd        Art Education



Champlin David Schumann MS Biology

Rochester Gary Moulder MS Biology

Stillwater Scott Christensen MS Biology



Monett Benjamin Hohensee BAE Health & PE K-12

Springfield  Marilyn Morehouse MSEd Instructional Technology

St. Joseph Rachael Page MAEd       General Physical Education



Luka Randy Jones MS Biology


North Carolina

Greensboro Christian Spence MA History


New Jersey

Andover Michael Cavallaro MS Biology

Waretown Alyssa Abate MAEd Reading PK-12


New York

Corning Julie Asiello MS Biology

Ozone Park Mehnaz Khan MBA Business Administration



Oklahoma City Aaron Collins MS Biology



Grants Pass   Kaitlin  Tardieu MS Biology

Portland  Neressa Bennett MAEd Art Education


South Carolina

Simpsonville Daniel Mauck MS Biology



Cookeville Mary Huddleston MAEd Art Education

Dayton Lorissa Kelly MSEd Instructional Technology



Eagle Pass Francisco Ramirez III MS Biology

Houston Robert Howell BAE Mild Moderate 7-12

San Angelo  Laura Lembrick MAEd Curriculum & Instruction

Victoria Corey Sturm MS Biology



Seattle Todd Gowing MS Biology



Appleton Drew Waters MAEd General Physical Education

Cedarburg Amanda Liebl MS Biology

West Bend Heather Prekop MAEd Special Education


West Virginia

Morgantown Erik Hanson BA German Honorable Mention

Sandyville Freda Bradley MA History



Gillette Emily Polmateer BGS General Studies         Honorable Mention H





Freeport Jonathan Birbal BS Computer Information Systems



Changsha Qing Tan BS Business Administration Comp

Hangzhou Qianying Huang BS Business Administration Comp

Qingdao Shengkai Yin BS Business Administration Comp

Shijiazhuang Pei Wang BS Business Administration Comp

Wuhan Tongjie Deng BS Business Administration

Yangzhou Weijia Zhu BS Business Administration



Bogota Gustavo Rodriguez Barrera BM Music Comp



Choshi Katsunari Miyakawa BS Exercise Science Comp Honorable Mention

Fujisawa-shi Yuto Furuta BS Geography

Fukuoka Kazuhiro Nishikura BS Aviation System Management Comp

Higashiusuki-gun Mizuki Uchiyamada BS Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp

Hiroshima Ryuji Takemoto BS Business Economics Comp

Honjo Yusuke Uchida BS Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp

Kitakyushu Kazuhiro Fujinawa BS Sports Administration

Kuki Ryota Tanaka BS Geography

Matsuyama Daisuke Yamaguchi BA Studio Art

Nagaoka Mariko Fujita BS Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp Honorable Mention

Nagoya Ko Muroga BS Aviation Systems Management Comp

Nagoya Yuko Yukimatsu BGS General Studies

Nakano-ku Miya Takauchi BS Business Administration

Ogaki Ririko Ohashi BA Speech Communication

Saijo Hiroaki Ito BS Biology Comp

Saitama Wataru Shiomitsu BS Broadcasting

Saitama Yuya Tanebe BA Political Science

Saitama Maiko Ueno BS Biology Comp Honorable Mention

Sendai Akane Sato BA International Studies Honorable Mention

Tokyo Tomomi Asakawa BA Economics

Toyonaka Yoshikatsu Noda BS Interior Design Comp

Yokkaichi-shi Yuki Ogawa BS Aviation Systems Management Comp

Yokohama Yosuke Shiga       BS Physics

Yokohama Nobuaki Ueda BS Sports Administration

Yotukaido Takumi Iwai BA International Studies

Kazakhstan    Karaganda Alexandra Van Zandt BAE French 7-12 Summa Cum Laude



Seoul  Theresa Borowiecki MS Biology

Seoul  Yein Kim BS Jour: Advertising

Seoul  Dongju Paick BA Business Administration



Blantyre Pamela Thindwa BA Economics  Summa Cum Laude

Blantyre Sharon Thindwa BA Economics



Monterrey Rodrigo Duncan Gómez BS Business Administration Comp



Kathmandu Krishna Prasad Gupta Rauniyar BS Business Administration Comprehensive Magna Cum Laude



Lima Mery Casady MS Biology



Lome  Assiba Johnson BS Broadcasting