NEWS ADVISORY: ‘MACURH the Musical’ highlights for planning coverage

We will have more than 500 students attending from seven states and Canada. In all, there will be more than 40 colleges and universities represented.

A complete schedule is attached for your planning purposes. Also, key sessions, the subjects, the times and the locations are listed below. Below the highlighted sessions is a complete news release for your use.


Key contacts:


Justin Vogel (UNK student from Scottsbluff), MACURH 2012 Conference Chair,

308.641.7208, or


Jen Kacere (conference adviser), UNK Complex Director, Office of Residence Life, 308.865.4806 


Saturday, November 3, 2012


8:00-8:45am Keynote Address with Ryan Sallans in Health and Sports Center


Session 1: 9am-9:40am

Foster engagement with Living Learning Communities Copeland 333

Jordan Fisher—Missouri State University

Inga Christensen

Looking for a long-term way to engage students and improve their college experience? We will be giving a presentation on the Living Learning Community Program at Missouri State University. We will discuss the structure of the program, benefits to students, and incentives to students which encourage student engagement.


Fundraising: Moosic to Your Ears Copeland 133

Scott Singleton—OCM

Is your fundraising giving you treble? Are your efforts falling a little flat? Attend this program and get the right tune for singing a happy fundraising song! Delegates will walk away singing after learning the key elements in solid fundraising. Your fundraisers are sure to hit the right note when you utilize tips for budgeting, people power, logistics and evaluation. And everyone will have a new tune to share, as we will take time for delegates to share information about fundraisers that have worked on their home campuses. Tweaking the melody will surely help everyone to try these new fundraising tips and ideas upon returning home.


Session 2: 9:50-10:30am

Trans Inclusion on College Campuses Copeland 140

Ryan Sallans—Keynote Speaker Breakout Session

College is stressful for anyone, but for transgender students it can be overwhelming due to the way many colleges are structured. This workshop will explore the various obstacles that have created turmoil, frustration and barriers for students who fall along the transgender spectrum. The good news is that colleges across the nation are changing through the work of several organizations and student/professional advocacy. Participants will be given examples and time to ask questions in order to evaluate their own campus. With the theme of this conference, there will be a special emphasis on housing.


BaFa BaFa Copeland 242/243

Mark Nicklaus—University of North Dakota

Casey Weaver

Have you ever experience going to a brand new culture. Every sight, sound, mannerism being completely foreign to anything you ever experienced. Come to this program to learn the difficulties and challenges of experience a new culture.


Breakin’ the Ice Ice Baby Copeland 131

Shailana Dunn-Wall—University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Kayla Schroeder

This program will teach people how to build community in various situations- be they large groups, small groups, upper classmen populations, etc. We will be demonstrating fun icebreakers and helping student leaders to cultivate their skills as community builders.


Session 3: 10:40-11:20am

Team Building 101 Copeland 140

Bill Cordes—Keynote Speaker Breakout Session

Building community is all about creating the feeling of team and mutual support. This workshop will give you the tools to bring people together while teaching life strategies and communication skills.


Messy Day Milli Way Copeland 133

Ashleigh Easton—Northwest Missouri State University

Michelle Madsen

Do you like watching people plunge into spaghetti or get cool whip thrown at them all while having a great time? Or, do you just like to be title Grand Champion? Either way, we’ve got this covered! Messy Day Milli Way not only brings your residents together, but also makes memories that will last a life time. So bring your positive attitude, your competitive spirit, and your shower supplies, because we are about to get messy!


Mega Yahtzee! Copeland 130

Brian Hillix—University of Kansas

Taylor Hanna

A childhood favorite! Mega Yahtzee! is a versatile programming event that can be implemented by resident assistants, student organization leaders and supervisors. Using giant dice made of boxes and white butcher paper, this game teaches teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving. Perfect for a social event, staff development activity, icebreaker or energizer, Mega Yahtzee! is fun, informative and interactive. Come learn how easy (and cheap!) it is to host in your own hall!



SOURCE:  Justin Vogel, MACURH 2012 Conference Chair, 308.641.7208, or



UNK- More than 500 college students will be at the University of Nebraska at Kearney for the 2012 Midwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (MACURH) Conference, Friday- Sunday, Nov. 2-4.


The conference, titled “MACURH the Musical,” is a leadership conference for students involved within the Residence Life systems at their respective institutions in the Midwest region. The MACURH region consists of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas and Manitoba, Canada. In all, 41 colleges and universities have registered.


Throughout the conference, the delegates will attend sessions on topics that relate to residence halls and the communities built through them. Delegates will also have opportunities to get to know each other through mixers and social events.


The Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) at UNK formed the conference board to apply for the bid and plan the event.


The conference adviser is Jen Kacere, UNK complex director of Mantor/Randall/Men’s. Assisting will be Nicol Corcoran, UNK complex director of Antelope and Nestor Halls, programming and entertainment adviser; Chris Miller, UNK hall director of Conrad Hall, transportation/security/health and volunteer/philanthropy adviser; and Quintenilla Merriweather, UNK hall director of Randall Hall, communications and spirit/hospitality/ceremonies adviser. Miller and Merriweather are also UNK graduate students. Miller is from Shawnee, Kan., and Merriweather is from Summerville, S.C.


“The events of the conference promote networking between schools, presentation of program ideas, conducting business in a boardroom setting for the betterment of the organization, recognizing individuals for their work and dedication, and even a little bit of entertainment,” said Justin Vogel of Scottsbluff, conference chair.


MACURH is one of eight regional branches of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH), which is one of the largest student-run organizations in the world, involving students from across the U.S., Europe, Asia and Africa.

The 2012 MACURH Conference committee members are listed below, alphabetically by hometown.

Beaver Crossing- Travis Arnold, registration co-chair
Columbus- Shannon Hempstead, transportation/security/health co-chair
Crete- Lauren Stehlik, housing and dining chair
Gibbon- Libby Manfull, recognition chair
Grand Island- Zach Shultz, volunteer/philanthropy chair
Hastings- Whitney Nelson, entertainment chair
Howells- Kyle Brandyberry, programming chair
Kearney- Nicol Corcoran, programming and entertainment adviser
Jen Kacere, conference adviser
Mason Herz, communications co-chair
Maxwell- Austin Fletcher, transportation/security/health co-chair
Ogallala- Anthony Alfano, finance chair
Plattsmouth- Andrea La Rosa, spirit/hospitality/ceremonies co-chair
Roca-  Alyx Lingenfelter, registration co-chair
Rushville- Ellie Heath, communications co-chair
Scottsbluff- Justin Vogel, conference chair
Table Rock-
Nicole Dyas, spirit/hospitality/ceremonies co-chair

Chris Miller, transportation/security/health and volunteer/philanthropy adviser

South Carolina
Quintenilla Merriweather, communications and spirit/hospitality/ceremonies adviser