Michelle Hamaker
UNK public safety director, 308.865.8517

A three-week grant designed to increase enforcement of alcohol-related crimes on and near the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus has been completed, according to Michelle Hamaker, UNK director of Police and Parking Services.

“The extra enforcement efforts were conducted Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the days of highest incidence of alcohol-related crimes, between Aug. 23 and Sept. 15,” Hamaker said.

The Selective Overtime Enforcement grant from the Highway Safety Division of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles  funded elective overtime pay for UNK officers on foot, bike and vehicle patrol to enforce alcohol-related crimes. This is the fourth year that UNK has received the grant.

“Our objective for the grant is to curb the percentage of alcohol-related incidents, and injuries on and around campus,” she said. “We concentrated on violations such as open container laws, DUI, and underage drinking among college students and the general public.”

UNK officers worked 42.5 hours of overtime and completed 14 traffic stops, issued two citations and 12 warnings. Officers issued citations to one person for marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession, three minors for alcohol possession/consumption and two people for disorderly conduct. Another 17 people were issued university conduct summonses for university-related alcohol violations.

UNK officers covered university property and streets near the campus. They further assisted the Kearney Police Department with other alcohol enforcement issues.