The air xylophone attracts attention at Nebraska State Fair

You’ve heard of “air guitar?” How about an “air xylophone”?

Not as fattening as a funnel cake, and drawing more “Ohhhhhsss” than a deep-fat fried Oreo cookie, the air xylophone at the Nebraska State Fair is giving attendees a bit of fun at the University of Nebraska at Kearney booth, as they take turns playing the air xylophone– some intentionally and some simply by accident as they walk by.

See one young man trying his hand at playing the instrument:

The air xylophone is the creation of Dr. Ken Trantham, chair of the UNK Department of Physics and Physical Science.

For more information, Dr. Trantham’s contact information is below:

Kenneth W. Trantham

Associate Professor & Chair

Department of Physics & Physical Science

2401 11th Ave / Bruner Hall

University of Nebraska – Kearney

Kearney, NE 68849


Ph: (308) 865-8278

Lab: (308) 865-8289

Fx: (308) 865-8281