Jen Kacere
residence hall complex director, 308.865.4806

New and returning resident assistants (RAs) and senior resident assistants (SRAs) at the University of Nebraska at Kearney are gearing up to build communities in residence halls across campus for the fall 2012 semester.

“The RAs are a vital part of making sure residents feel at home during their time at UNK,” said Jen Kacere, complex director. “They will be kept busy helping and building relationships with residents, and are looking forward to a great academic year.”

RAs were selected at the end of the spring 2012 semester through an online application process that included two letters of reference and an interview process. Candidates were required to have a 2.5 GPA and be in good standing at the university.

Before the fall semester began, RAs received two weeks of training on topics that included community development, emergency response, customer service and mediation. They also learned about campus resources,  and how they can aid and prepare their residents for a successful school year.

The 2012-2013 UNK RAs and SRAs are listed below, alphabetically by hometown, with Nebraska students listed first, followed by out-of-state and international students.




Aurora- Kiley Dibbern (URS*)

Beaver Crossing- Travis Arnold (CTE*)

Beaver Crossing – KayCee Upton (SRA*) (CTE*)

Cairo- Cacia Lyon (Martin)

Clarkson- Alie Brabec (Men’s)

Coleridge- Bethany Barelman (Conrad)

Columbus- Niki Green (Randall)

Columbus- Shelly Green (Mantor)

Columbus- Shannon Hempstead (Conrad)

Columbus- Sean Nelson (Martin)

Columbus- Alyssa Wieser (CTE*)

Cortland- Joseph Lotspeich (CTE*)

Curtis- Daniel Sandman (URN*)

Deshler- Leah Nelson (Antelope/Nester)

Elm Creek- Gavin Mitchell (URS*)

Fremont- Derek League (CTE*)

Gibbon – Libby Manfull (SRA*) (Mantor)

Greenwood- Hayley Rudder (Conrad)

Grand Island- Daniel Carlson (URS*)

Grand Island- Kaitlin Kruse (Mantor)

Grand Island- Clarissa Larson (URS*)

Halsey- Brett Barnes (URS*)

Hampton- Beau Andrews (Mantor)

Hastings- Emily Davidson (University Heights)

Hastings – Whitney Nelson (SRA*) (Antelope/Nester)

Holdrege-Eric Brown (Antelope/Nester)

Indianola- April Guthrie (Antelope/Nester)

Kearney- Andrew Limbach (Mantor)

Kearney- Tealyn Trimble (Randall)

Kearney- Trevor Woodward (URN*)

Kimball – Danielle Perry (SRA*) (Antelope/Nester)

Lincoln- Jeff Lantz (Randall)

Lindsay- Tracey Oberhauser (CTE*)

Maxwell- Austin Fletcher (Randall)

McCook- Micheal Dack (CTE*)

Milford- Colten Roth (CTE*)

North Platte- Stephanie Benes (Antelope/Nester)

North Platte- Ryan Brown (Mantor)

North Platte- Dillon Johnson (Antelope/Nester)

North Platte- Tarassa Swedberg (Antelope/Nester)

Oakland- Drew Schissel (Mantor)

Omaha- Haley Allen (URN*)

Omaha- Zach Davison (CTE*)

Omaha- Megan Wagman (Martin)

Papillion- Barbie Varon (URS*)

Plattsmouth- Andrea La Rosa (Mantor)

Riverton- Maggie Jackson (Men’s)

Roca- Alyx Lingenfelter (Mantor)

Utica- Jordan Ortmeier (Antelope/Nester)

Valentine- Tayler McPeak (URN*)

Wayne- Shannon Jarvi (Antelope/Nester)

Wilcox- Nathan Arehart (Mantor)

Wilcox- Mirandra Paitz (CTE*)

Yutan- Kayla Ambrose (CTE*)





Aurora- Jordan Hughett (Randall)

Fort Collins- Michael Hanrahan (URN*)

Julesburg- Jacob Newth (Men’s)



Hill City- Lewen Ninemire (Martin)



Independence – Josh Smith (URN*)



Lang Fang, China – Shuoyi Meng (Randall)

Hokkaido, Japan – Mei Ogata (CTE*)


* CTE = Centennial Towers East; CH = Conrad Hall; MEH = Men’s Hall; MTH = Mantor Hall; MNH = Martin Hall; RH = Randall Hall; URN = University Residence North; URS = University Residence South