John Fronczak

The visual communication and design (VCD) seniors at the University of Nebraska at Kearney are displaying their work now through Friday, Dec. 2, at the Walker Gallery.

VCD involves technology and theory of graphic design layout, typographic communications, identity branding systems, illustration, packaging, motion graphics and website design. The gallery is located in the Fine Arts Building on the UNK campus; the show is free and open to the public.

Students with work in the exhibit are listed below, alphabetically by hometown:

Allison Kuklies of Cozad is displaying her work titled “Bella Towne Home Gallery.” After graduation, Kuklies plans to stay in Kearney for a time after she graduates and then explore job opportunities elsewhere.
“Bella Towne is a fictitious home furnishings company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn.,” Kuklies said. “The goal of my show is to create a branding and packaging system for the company that exuded quality and uniqueness. I expressed these ideas through the use of color, detail and vintage nuances.”

Caleb Chvatal of Fremont is displaying his project, titled “Details in the Fabric/Shirts.” He is using a canvas poster, iron and steel.

“I plan to travel abroad to the Czech Republic for spring semester, and then apply for local graphic design jobs around Kearney,”  Chvatal said.

Leigh Sukraw of Gothenburg’s project is titled “Remedy Tea Project.” Sukraw plans on living with her husband on a farm southwest of Gothenburg and pursuing a career in freelance design.

“I’m interested in focusing on humor in advertising while making a bit of a social statement about the way we as Americans look for an easy fix for our problems and are often highly influenced by advertising,” Sukraw said. “My design style is influenced by Victorian newspaper advertisements at the turn of the century when food and drug companies could put anything they wanted on labels and make outrageous promises.”

Aranea Push of Grand Island is showing “The New Castle Theatre.”

“My show exhibits a fictional community theatre set in Pennsylvania,” Push said. “The theatre’s mantra is to enlighten, educate and entertain the members of the community about theatre.”

Mardi Engels is a Kearney native, and her plans after graduation include continuing to work with Compass Group, where she has been a graphic designer and marketing student worker for four years.

“My 2011 senior show is called the ‘Elite 8-Ball Tour,'” Engles said. “The goal of this show was to design an experience that exhibits the day of a National Billiards 8-Ball Tournament. This tournament promotes honesty and fair play in competition. It will provide opportunity for world-class play, bring respect to the game of billiards and encourage growth in the sport.”

Kyle Sayler is a Kearney native. 

“My Senior Show exhibition is a fictitious Bicycle Tour across America,” Sayler said. “The tour will run from Boston to San Francisco over a grueling 28-day tour. The distance covered will be around 3,500 – 4,000 miles. Items on exhibition include three posters, one as a ad banner, the next a map showing the route of the tour and the third poster illustrating the different jerseys of the tour.”

After graduation, he plans to stay in Kearney to complete an internship at UNK Advertising & Creative Services and then establish his own screen-printing business. He then plans to apply for a job in Dallas at Panini.

Nick Bartels of Lincoln is displaying his work titled “Nexus Records.”

“With my show, I wanted to play off of the movement with a fictitious record label featuring alternative/indie/punk rock. I have created an identity for the record label, as well as promotional material for four fictitious bands on the label through print and package design. Each band’s poster is based off their album design/packaging. Each album is individually distinctive but also fits into the overall Nexus design system at the same time.

Another senior whose work is also being displayed is Alice Berryman of Malcom. No further information was available.