John Fronczak

Two University of Nebraska at Kearney students are showing their work as part of the Fall 2011 Art Education Senior Exhibition in the Walker Art Gallery on the campus now through Friday, Nov. 11.
The two, Amber Kosmicki of Holdrege and Abby Whitmore of Shelby, are both art education majors. Kosmicki plans to pursuing a teaching position in Lincoln or Omaha that focuses on photography or graphic design. Her show includes photography, digital media, oil on canvas, ceramics and pastel.

“As an art teacher, I hope to create a learning environment where questioning is encouraged and creativity and critical thinking are cultivated,” she said. “The study and making of visual art fosters creativity and encourages inquiry, discovery and wonder. Art education should be the means by which individuals come to an understanding of the past, embrace the present and imagine the future.”

Whitmore, who is planning a career as an art teacher for grades K-12, also plans to go on for a master’s degree in art education. Among the works she will be exhibiting are: “Entanglement,” “Pears,” “Fictitious Landscape,” Representative Self-Portrait” and “Fish.” She uses several types of media in her work including acrylic, oil, watercolor, silkscreen, pastels, bronze, foam and spray paint.

“Art is unique to every person,” she said. “No two [artists’ works are] alike, and therefore, I believe that art is the result of your own personal experiences. The events in my life, the people I have met, and the art I have seen has influenced and shaped my art into what it is today. In my classroom, I hope to inspire my students to look at the world around them, and be inspired by what they see and value.”

The Walker Gallery, which is located in the Fine Arts Building, is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. There is no admission charge. There will be an artists reception at the gallery on Sunday, Nov. 6, from 4-6 p.m.