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“Study Abroad (Yes, the Franks did, too!)” will be the focus of the Saturday at the Frank House presentation this coming Saturday, Oct. 15, at the mansion.

Ann Marie Park, UNK Study Abroad coordinator, and two UNK students who have studied abroad, will give the 1:30 p.m. program.

The student presenters will be juniors Ashley Sloup from Wahoo and Candace Long from Hazard. Sloup will tell about her experiences studying abroad in China, and her plans to study in Peru. Long, who studied at the Roosevelt Academy in the Netherlands, participated in an exchange for UNK Honors Program students.

Park, who has been a part of the Study Abroad program at UNK for 10 years, has also studied abroad.

“As a student, I studied for one year in Sapporo, Japan,” she said. “The experience was different than anything I could have expected, and I changed in ways I didn’t even know were possible.”

Park added: “If we, as a society, are ever to reach true global peace, we need to understand and respect each other for our differences. My favorite aspect about coordinating study abroad programs is meeting students after they have studied abroad and seeing first-hand how they have grown.

“At UNK, programs have been created which earn UNK credit so as not to delay graduation,” she said. “The programs also use UNK financial aid, so they are affordable, with realistic prerequisites, and are designed for participation with friends under the guidance of a UNK faculty member. Some programs focus on language, others focus on experiential education, but all offer an inter-cultural education which can’t be acquired by staying in the United States.”

Of the experiences students encounter, Park said: “In my 10 years of experience, never has a student returned from their program abroad and wished that they hadn’t participated. Some return with more direction in life, others with native fluency in a second language, but all come back with unique experiences to share, confidence about themselves and an increased ‘marketability’ to carry with them throughout life.”

Study Abroad” (Yes, the Franks did, too!) is free and open to the public; however, donations to the Frank House are always accepted and encouraged.

KrisAnn Sullivan, director of the Frank House said: “Donations helped refurbish the master bed-chamber area and will be put to good use as we begin the other planned improvement projects in the Frank House. Saturday at the Frank House educational program volunteers help make the public aware of the needs of the house and the public responds. Donations are always appreciated in support of the Frank House.”

Upcoming Saturdays at the Frank House include: Oct. 22, “Holiday Card Making”; Oct. 29, “Phantoms at the Frank House”; Nov. 5 “Kearney State College: The Early Years”; Nov. 12 “Motif Worship”; and Nov. 19 “Flutes at the Frank House.” For more information,