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Dr. Nancy Hensel, executive officer for the Council on Undergraduate Research, will give the University of Nebraska at Kearney spring commencement address on Friday, May 6. In the 10 a.m. ceremonies in the UNK Health and Sports Center, degrees will be awarded to 572 UNK students, 431 undergraduate students and 141 graduate students.

Dr. Hensel, who has served as executive officer for the Council on Undergraduate Research in Washington, D.C., since 2004, is the principal investigator on three National Science Foundation grants to assist four-year and community colleges in developing undergraduate research. In addition, she is the co-editor of two national journals — “Undergraduate Research at Community Colleges” and “Transformative Research at Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions.”

Before becoming executive officer for the Council on Undergraduate Research, Dr. Hensel served as president of the University of Maine at Presque Isle from 1999-2004; provost of the University of Maine at Farmington, 1995-99; and dean of the College of Education, University of Maine at Farmington, 1992-1995. She has held faculty positions at the University of Redlands and the University of Toledo. Her doctorate is in early childhood education from the University of Georgia, and she holds master’s degrees in theater and early childhood education. She earned a bachelor’s degree in theater from San Francisco State University.

The Friday ceremonies will open with the National Anthem, performed by graduating senior Jillian Parker of Goodland, Kan. Sarah Nordhues of Kearney will give the senior class reflections. UNK Chancellor Douglas Kristensen will give the welcome, and Bob Whitehouse of Papillion, chair of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, will give greetings on behalf of the board.

For those unable to attend commencement in person, the event will be available as a webcast. The information for the webcast is located on the UNK homepage, or by  In addition, individuals on campus can view ceremonies via Campus Cable TV, Channel 2.

The graduates are listed below in three groups: graduates from Nebraska, graduates from across the United States and international graduates. Nebraska graduates are listed in alphabetical order by hometown. Out-of-state graduates are listed in alphabetical order by state. International graduates are listed in alphabetical order by country.


NOTE: Abbreviations that appear in the listings, and what they represent, are as follows:

Undergraduate Degrees:
BA – Bachelor of Arts
BAE – Bachelor of Arts in Education
BS – Bachelor of Science
BSE – Bachelor of Science in Education
BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
BGS – Bachelor of General Studies

Graduate Degrees:
EDS – Education Specialist
MA – Master of Arts
MAE – Master of Arts in Education
MS – Master of Science
MSE – Master of Science in Education
MBA – Master of Business Administration

NOTE: Subject abbreviations in listings include:

ADMIN, Administration; BIOL, Biology; BUS, Business; CHEM, Chemistry; COMM,
Communication; COMP, Comprehensive; CONST, Construction; DEVEL,
Development; DIST, Distribution; ECON, Economics; EDU, Education; ELEM,
Elementary; EMPH, Emphasis; END, Endorsement; ENVIR, Environmental; GEO,
Geography; INDUS, Industrial; INFO, Information; INTERP, Interpretation; MARK,
Marketing; MATH, Mathematics; MGMT, Management; MOD, Moderate; PHYS,
Physical; PROD, Production; SCI, Science; SECOND, Secondary; SCHL, School;
SOC, Social; STU, Students; SP ED, Special Education; SYS, Systems; TECH,
Technology; THEA, Theatre; TRANS, Translation; VOC, Vocational.

NOTE: HONORS. Students graduating with honors have the honors and
selected honors organizations noted after their names.
 Honors, along with the
grade point averages necessary to earn those honors, include: summa cum laude,
3.90-4.00; magna cum laude, 3.80-3.89; cum laude, 3.70-3.79; and honorable mention,
3.50-3.69. Honors organizations and the designations listed after students’ names
include: Honors Program (H), Mortar Board (MB) and Phi Kappa Phi (PKP).


Students are listed below, alphabetically by hometown, along with their degrees, majors and honors: 
Adams        Ashley        Schlake        MAEd        Curriculum & Instruction
Ainsworth         Katie        Watts        BAE        Health and PE K-12
Albion        Keri        Carder        BS        Business Administration Comp  Summa Cum Laude H
Albion        Kiley        Figgner        BSE        Communication Disorders  Honorable Mention
Albion        Alicia        Knust        BS        Recreation Management
Albion        Craig        Majerus        BS        Agribusiness Comp
Alliance        Thomas        Olson        BS        Construction Management Comp
Anselmo-Merna        Jacob        Kirkpatrick        BS        Exercise Science
Arapahoe        Joshua        Beck        BS        Physics Comprehensive        Mathematics Comprehensive  Honorable Mention
Arcadia        Jeffrey        Luedtke        BS        Business Administration Comp
Archer        Jody        Ziola        BAE        Music K-12  Honorable Mention
Atkinson        Brian        Flannery        BS        Mathematics        Applied Computer Science  Magna Cum Laude  H
Aurora        Kelley        Lehmer        BS        Family Studies          Summa Cum Laude        PKP
Aurora        Christopher        Olson        BS        Public Administration
Axtell        Brigham        Becker        BS        Exercise Science Comp
Axtell        Kent        Ropers        MSEd        Science Education
Axtell        Joseph        Supanchick        BS        Business Administration Comp
Bartlett        Ann        Pelster        BS        Multimedia   Summa Cum Laude  H
Bartley        Krista        McConville        BS        Family Studies
Bassett        Misty        Buoy        BS        Multimedia
Bayard        Natasha        Eirich        MSEd        Community Counseling
Beatrice        Jacob        Hanshaw        BS        Organizational Communication Comp
Beatrice        Craig        Zarybnicky        BAE        Health and PE K-12  Magna Cum Laude
Beatrice        Krista        Zarybnicky        BS        Exercise Science  Summa Cum Laude
Beatrice         Christopher        Campbell        MAEd        Physical Education Exercise Science
Beaver City        Megan        Becker        BS        Jour: Advertising
Beaver Lake        Jennifer        Chaloupka        BAE        History 7-12        English 7-12  Summa Cum Laude
Bellevue        Andre        Ball        BS        Business Administration Comp
Bellevue        Caleb        Brown        BAE        Social Science 7-12
Bellevue        Jackelyn        Chandler        BS        Broadcasting
Bellevue         Sarah        Tasich        MS        Biology
Benkelman        Dusty        Birge        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Benkelman        Matt        Gordon        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Benkelman        Suzanne        Wilson        BS        Psychobiology
Big Springs        David        Peterman        BAE        Social Science 7-12
Blair        Helen        Breuer        BS        Geography  Magna Cum Laude  PKP, H
Blair        Ryan        Seefus        BS        Sports Administration        Jour: Public Relations
Brady        Beth        Boden        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Bridgeport        Keller        Batterman        EdS        School Psychology
Bridgeport        Amber        Moore        BAE        Middle Grades 4-9        Mild Moderate 7-12
Broken Bow        Lyndsey        Foster        BS        Exercise Science
Broken Bow        Jaime        Steffens        BS        Business Administration Comp
Burchard        John        Wehrbein        EdS        School Psychology
Cairo        Sara        Hansen        BS        Family Studies
Cairo        Tierra        Webb        BSE        Mathematics 7-12  Cum Laude
Cambridge         Charlie        Shoemaker        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Central City        Diane        Root        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Central City         Heather        Paxton        MSEd        Speech-Language Pathology
Ceresco        Courtney        Kadlecek        BAE        Elementary Education        English as a Second Language        Honorable Mention
Chadron        Michael        Kaus        MS        Biology
Clay Center        Ben        Cooney        BS        Broadcasting  Honorable Mention
Columbus        Brent        Gehring        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Columbus        Andrew        Korte        BAE        History 7-12         Physical Education 7-12
Columbus        Morgan        Pillen        MSEd        Speech-Language PathologyPKP
Columbus        Nathaniel        Wagner        BS        Business Administration Comp        Criminal Justice        Summa Cum Laude        H
Cozad        Taressa        Poppert        MAEd        Reading PK-12
Cozad        Jaysie        Ross        BFA        Visual Communication and Design Comp  Honorable Mention
Cozad        Christopher        Tvrdy        BSE        Mathematics 7-12        History 7-12
Crawford        Mary        Limbach        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Crete        Gina        Cooper        MSEd        School Counseling Student Affairs
Crete        Brittani        Faimon        BS        Business Administration Comp
Crete        Wesley        Goranson        BS        Business Administration Comp  Cum Laude
Culbertson        Brittney        Hagan        BAE        Elementary Education        Middle Grades 4-9  Honorable Mention
Culbertson        Kelly        Rippen        MSEd        School Counseling Student Affairs
Curtis        Benjamin        Andersen        BS        Physics Comprehensive
Curtis        Michael        Jones        BS        Business Administration Comp
Curtis        Heather        Wills        BS        Biology Comp        Honorable Mention
Dannebrog        Jeralynn        Stanton        BAE        Elementary Education  Honorable Mention        H
Davenport        Emily        Kubalik        BS        Psychology  Summa Cum Laude
Dawson        Benjamin        Clancy        BS        Psychology Comprehensive  H
Doniphan        Nicholas        Dutton        BS        Construction Management Comp Honorable Mention
Doniphan        Betsy        Klahn        BAE        Middle Grades 4-9
Doniphan        Jeremy        Stromer        BS        Physics Comprehensive Mathematics Comprehensive        Summa Cum Laude        H
Doniphan        Stacie        Williams        BAE        Elementary Education        Early Childhood Unified
Eagle        Cale        Fugleberg        BS        Aviation Systems Management Comp
Elba        Donald        Kleinsasser        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Elkhorn        Nicole        Svec        BA        Business Administration  Honorable Mention
Elm Creek        Mason        Brodine        BS        Business Administration
Elm Creek        Robbie        McCarter        BS        Business Administration Comp
Elsmere        Kristin        Keys        BAE        Elementary Education        English as a Second Language
Elwood        Stephen        Schutz        BS        Business Economics Comp  Honorable Mention
Eustis        Brennon        Malcom        BS        History Social Science Comp  Summa Cum Laude  PKP, H
Eustis        Wesley        Sanders        BS        Mathematics        Psychology  Honorable Mention  H
Ewing        Brooke        Bartak        MSEd        Community Counseling
Fairbury        Sarah        Mach        BS        Interior Design Comp  Magna Cum Laude  MB
Fairbury        Charles        Pitkin        BS        Business Administration Comp
Fairbury        Jeffrey        Vetter        EdS        School Superintendent
Fairfield        Megan        Brodrick        BS        Business Administration Comp
Falls City        Rebecca        Parsons        MSEd        Speech Language Pathology
Farwell        Jennifer        Rathman        BAE        Elementary Education        Early Childhood Unified        Summa Cum Laude        H
Fremont        Lisa        Kent        BA        Political Science
Funk        Deborah        Epping        BA        Jour: News Editorial  Magna Cum Laude  H
Genoa        Kara        Gehring        BS        Business Administration
Gering        Thomas        Buehler        BS        Athletic Training Comp
Gering        Kody        Christensen        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Gering        Kara        Flaherty        BA        Jour: Mass Media  H
Gering        Kynzie        Heilbrun        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Gering        Jessica        Olivarez        BSE        Communication Disorders  Magna Cum Laude  H
Gering        Melissa        Ruzicka        BS        Business Administration
Gibbon        Megan        Baker        BAE        Elementary Education
Gibbon        Lindsey        Bugee        MSEd        Speech/Language Pathology
Gibbon        Cristal        Grado        BS        Family Studies
Gibbon        Tara        Pokorney        BS        Business Administration Comp
Gibbon        Thaddeus        Rachow        BS        Business Economics Comp
Gibbon        Johnathan        Shafer        BSE        Physics 7-12        History 7-12
Gibbon        Amy        Smallcomb        BS        Organizational Communication Comp
Gothenburg        Heather        Teahon        BAE        Elementary Education        Mild Moderate K-6
Grand Island        Erin        Ackerson        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Grand Island        Jonathan        Alvarado        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Grand Island        Bianca        Ayala        BAE        Early Childhood Unified
Grand Island        Larry        Baker        BAE        Social Science 7-12  Honorable Mention
Grand Island        Megan        Beck        BA        Business Administration
Grand Island        Glenn        Bills        BS        Telecommunications Management Comp  Honorable Mention
Grand Island        Angela        Boersen        BSE        Communication Disorders  Summa Cum Laude  PKP, H
Grand Island        Kayla        Brixius        BS        Business Administration Comp  Summa Cum Laude  H
Grand Island        Taylor        Dvorak        BS        Criminal Justice
Grand Island        Angelica        Flores Gutierrez        BS        Social Work Comp
Grand Island        Brittany        Friesen        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Grand Island        Bradley        Green        BAE        Mild Moderate 7-12        History 7-12
Grand Island        Alicia        Griesman        BS        Mathematics   H
Grand Island        Collin        Grimes        BS        Political Science  Summa Cum Laude        H
Grand Island        Cassandra        Hopkins        BS        Radiography Comprehensive  H
Grand Island        Kasmira        Kent        BS        Business Administration
Grand Island        Matthew        Kosch        MAEd        Spanish Education
Grand Island        Matthew        Kovar        BAE        Language Arts 7-12  Summa Cum Laude
Grand Island        Heath        Meier        BAE        Elementary Education
Grand Island        Ana        Mendoza        BAE        Elementary Education        English as a Second Language
Grand Island        Katie        Nabower        BAE        Elementary Education        Early Childhood Unified         Summa Cum Laude
Grand Island        Rachel        Schiley        MAEd        Curriculum & Instruction
Grand Island        Kelsey        Sheen        BAE        Elementary Education        English as a Second Language        Summa Cum Laude
Grand Island        Dylan        Sims        BS        Sociology
Grand Island        Jeri        Walkowiak        BS        Exer Sci Fit and Wellnes Comp
Grand Island        Cheryl        Wegner        MSEd        Community Counseling
Grand Island        Kelsey        Werner        BS        Exercise Science
Grand Island        Phillip        Wieck        BS        Agribusiness Comp
Grand Island        Phillip        Zuehlke        BS        Business Administration Comp
Grand Island         Sara        McMillan        BS        Business Administration Comp  Cum Laude H
Grand Island         Kristen        Nieto        BS        Family Studies
Grant        Steven        Summers        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Grant        Lance        Wilson        BS        Biology Comp                Honorable Mention
Greeley        Autumn        Dugan        BSE        Communication Disorders  Honorable Mention
Greeley        Halley        Gray        BS        Business Administration Comp
Gretna        Christine        Hammers        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Gretna        Nicholas        Luhrs        BS        Industrial Technology
Hampton        Danielle        Dose        BAE        Elementary Education        Early Childhood Unified        Cum Laude H
Hampton        Katelyn        Klute        BAE        Language Arts 7 – 12   Honorable Mention
Hampton        Lona        Mason        EdS        School Psychology
Hampton        Beverly        Smith        BS        Business Administration Comp
Hartington        Patrick        Hoesing        BS        Agribusiness Comp
Hartington        Brittany        Weinandt        BS        Psychology  Honorable Mention  H
Hastings        Laura        Ahlman        BA        Sociology  Honorable Mention
Hastings        Joshua        Augustin        MSEd        Community Counseling
Hastings        Scott        Carlin        BSE        Physical Science 7-12
Hastings        Juan        Gallegos        BA        Multimedia
Hastings        Amelia        Jacobitz        BAE        English 7-12         History 7-12  Cum Laude  H
Hastings        Emilee        Lonowski        BAE        Middle Grades 4-9  Cum Laude  H
Hastings        Rachel        McPherson        BS        Jour: Advertising
Hastings        Lana        Renzelman        EdS        School Psychology
Hastings        Alexandra        Zysset        BA        Economics        Spanish   Magna Cum Laude        H
Heartwell        Elizabeth        Wittwer        BSE        Communication Disorders   Honorable Mention
Holdrege        Dustin        Bailey        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp  Honorable Mention
Holdrege        Zaneta        Boysen        BAE        Early Childhood Unified        English as a Second Language
Holdrege        Russell        Crawford        BAE        Mild Moderate 7-12
Holdrege        Chelsea        Feusner        MAEd        School Principalship PK-8
Holdrege        Creighton        Hinze        BS        Exercise Science
Holdrege        Kaylee        Jones        BAE        Elementary Education  Honorable Mention  H
Holdrege        Jenni        Lindstrom        BSE        Communication Disorders  Magna Cum Laude  H
Holdrege        Mark        Morten        MS        Biology
Holdrege        Rachal        Morten        BS        Business Administration
Holdrege        Monica        Mueller        MSEd        School Counseling Student Affairs
Holdrege        James        Reed        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Holdrege        Cory        Shield        BS        Business Administration        Biology         Cum Laude
Holdrege        Marcelle        Strydom        BS        Biology Comp        Honorable Mention        H
Holdrege        Heather        Towndrow        BS        Social Work Comp Magna Cum Laude
Holdrege        Shana        Van Vuuren        BS        Interior Design Comp
Holstein        Audrey        Churchill        BS        Interior Design Comp  Cum Laude
Humphrey        Samantha        Hastreiter        BS        Criminal Justice        History          H
Humphrey        Joel        Kosch        BSE        Middle Grades 4-9  Summa Cum Laude  H
Huntley        Joshua        Jones        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Imperial        Kayla        Kunnemann        BSE        Communication Disorders  Honorable Mention
Imperial        Jake        McDaniel        BS        Construction Management Comp
Imperial        Tiffany        Regier        BS        Radiography Comprehensive  Summa Cum Laude
Imperial        Janessa        Swink        MSEd        Speech/Language Pathology
Imperial        Chelsea        Zuege        MAEd        Art Education
Juniata        Evan        Volzke        BS        Exercise Science Comp Magna Cum Laude
Kearney        Nicholas        Abegglen        MBA        Business Administration
Kearney        Kylee        Adams        BS        Jour: Advertising
Kearney        Oscar        Arias        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Kearney        Austin        Asay        BS        Multimedia
Kearney        Alyssa        Baker        BS        Organizational Communication Comp
Kearney        Christine        Beatson        BS        Social Work Comp
Kearney        Abby        Bittman        BS        Organizational Communication Comp
Kearney        Cara        Bogard        BAE        Elementary Education        Early Childhood Unified        Cum Laude
Kearney        Isaac        Bonk        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kearney        Aaron        Broadfoot        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kearney        Ryan        Chramosta        BS        Recreation, Park & Tourism Management Comp
Kearney        Heather        Christensen        BGS        General Studies
Kearney        Carl        Corder        BS        Mathematics Comp        Physics Comp  Magna Cum Laude H
Kearney        Luke        Decker        BS        Applied Computer Science
Kearney        Kelsey        Dobish        BS        Industrial Technology  Honorable Mention
Kearney        Luke        Estes        MSEd        Community Counseling
Kearney        Alexander        Farrell        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kearney        Kevin        Fast        BS        Exercise Science Comp
Kearney        Heath        Frink        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kearney        Karen        Frye        BS        Psychology        Criminal Justice
Kearney        Emmett        Gannon        BS        Chemistry Comp  Summa Cum Laude
Kearney        Teresa        Giddings        BS        Sociology  Honorable Mention
Kearney        Ann        Gillen        MSEd        Community Counseling
Kearney        Melanie        Glinsmann        MA        English
Kearney        David        Gough        BS        Business Administration
Kearney        Andrew        Greer        BS        Sports Administration        Broadcasting
Kearney        Danielle        Hilton        BAE        Elementary Education        Mild Moderate K-6
Kearney        Paden        Hogeland        BS        Computer Science Comprehensive  Honorable Mention
Kearney        Patricia        Holen        MSEd        Community Counseling
Kearney        Daneil        Hunt        BS        Speech Communication        English
Kearney        Matthew        Ingersoll        BS        Chemistry         Philosophy Cum Laude
Kearney        Owen        Johnson        BS        Biology Comp
Kearney        Patricia        Jorgensen        MSEd        Community Counseling
Kearney        Kamille        Jorgenson        BAE        Art K-12        Spanish 7-12  Magna Cum Laude
Kearney        Emily        Karg        BAE        French 7-12        English 7-12  Magna Cum Laude  H
Kearney        Leah        Karre        BS        Psychology Comprehensive
Kearney        Michael        Kennedy        BFA        Visual Communication and Design Comp
Kearney        Tina        Kimball        BS        Social Work Comp
Kearney        Molly        Kincaid        BS        Business Administration Comp  Honorable Mention
Kearney        Amy        Knispel        BM        Musical Theatre Comp        Summa Cum Laude        H
Kearney        Amy        Kratochvil        BS        Political Science
Kearney        Jenae        Kruse        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kearney        Wayne        Kulhanek        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp Honorable Mention
Kearney        Austin        Lentfer        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Kearney        Rachel        Lillyman        BS        Interior Design Comp  Honorable Mention H
Kearney        Sonja        Lindsey        MA        English
Kearney        Lauren        McLaughlin        BAE        Art K-12
Kearney        Jennifer        Michaels        BS        Organizational Communication Comp
Kearney        Taylor        Moore        BGS        General Studies
Kearney        Matthew        Mullen         MBA        Business Administration
Kearney        John        Neal        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kearney        Kien        Nguyen        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kearney        Allie        Nightingale        BAE        Elementary Education  MB
Kearney        Sarah        Nordhues        BAE        Elementary Education        Mild Moderate K-6  Summa Cum Laude MB
Kearney        Mary        Peters        BS        Social Work Comp
Kearney        Ben        Pfannenstein        BS        Business Administration Comp        Honorable Mention
Kearney        Julie        Polk        BFA        Visual Communication and Design Comp  Cum Laude
Kearney        Benjamin        Porter        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kearney        Carter        Pratt        BAE        Elementary Education  Magna Cum Laude
Kearney        Andrew        Prososki        BS        Chemistry Comp   Summa Cum Laude  PKP, H, MB
Kearney        Stephanie        Rash        BS        Business Administration  Honorable Mention        MB
Kearney        Denise        Rice        BS        Family Studies          Summa Cum Laude
Kearney        Lerrin        Rowe        BAE        Health and PE K-12  Summa Cum Laude
Kearney        Alyssa        Sage        BSE        Communication Disorders  Honorable Mention
Kearney        Megan        Schliefert        BS        Chemistry Comp Summa Cum Laude        H, MB
Kearney        Elizabeth        Sizer        MSEd        Community Counseling
Kearney        Cheri        Theesen        BS        Social Work Comp Summa Cum Laude  PKP
Kearney        Frank        Thiel        BS        Organizational Communication Comp Cum Laude
Kearney        Melissa        Tidwell        BA        Spanish Translation and Interpretation        Criminal Justice
Kearney        Bryan        Todd        BS        Psychology
Kearney        Kaylee        Troyer        BA        Jour: Advertising  Magna Cum Laude        H
Kearney        Jason        Webb        BS        Applied Computer Science
Kearney        Kevin        Whetstone        BS        Jour: News Editorial
Kearney        Adrianne        White        BA        Psychology
Kearney        Jason        Wood        BS        Psychology
Kearney        Anthony        Zapata        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Kearney        Mitchell        Zikmund        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Kearney        Ryan        Zinnel        BS        Business Administration Comp        Summa Cum Laude
Kearney         Sara        McCarty        BS        Family Studies
Kearney         Kelsey        Van Dusen        EdS        School Psychology
Kenesaw        Brian        Harpham        MAEd        Reading PK-12
Kenesaw        Leslie        Prelle        BS        Business Administration Comp  Summa Cum Laude
Kenesaw        Robby        Thompson        EdS        School Superintendent
Kimball        Emily        Brooks        MAEd        Art Education
Kimball        Kyle        Nunn        BS        Sports Administration Comp        Business Administration
Laurel        Elizabeth        Sudbeck        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Lawrence        Selena        Laughlin        MAEd        Curriculum & Instruction
Lexington        Richard        Barajas        BA        Philosophy
Lexington        Jesus        Granillo        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp        Criminal Justice
Lexington        Erin        Hanna        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Lexington        Michelle        Lauby        BAE        Mild Moderate K-6  Honorable Mention
Lexington        Tomye        McKenna        MAEd        Special Education
Lexington        Phillip        Truax        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Lexington        Kayla        Williams        BS        Radiography Comprehensive
Lexington         Sandra        Reyes        BS        Political Science  Honorable Mention
Lincoln        Kristin        Donnelly        BS        Interior Design Comp  Magna Cum Laude PKP
Lincoln        Scott        Ernstmeyer        EdS        School Superintendent
Lincoln        Kevin        Farley        BS        Business Administration
Lincoln        Sada        Hotovy        BA        History        English        Summa Cum Laude
Lincoln        Jillian        Jumps        BS        Jour: Advertising
Lincoln        Kyle        Means        MAEd        Physical Education
Lincoln        Brian        Moser        BAE        English 7-12         History 7-12  Honorable Mention H
Lincoln        Katie        Moss        BAE        Language Arts 7-12
Lincoln        Margot        Nason        BS        Criminal Justice Comp
Lincoln        Megan        Neemann        BS        Exercise Science Comp
Lincoln        Rachel        Russell        BAE        Health and PE K-12 Honorable Mention
Lincoln        Nathaniel        Schneider        BS        Construction Management Comp
Lincoln        Gordon        Shaw        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Lincoln        Eric        Willman        BAE        Elementary Education        Mild Moderate K-6
Lincoln         Jordan        Jakub        BS        Psychobiology
Lindsay        Shelly        Koch        BS        Psychology
Litchfield        Brooke        Hendricks        MSEd        Speech Langauge Pathology
Lodgepole        Nicole        Richards        BS        Radiography Comprehensive
Loup City        Mathew        Day        BS        Biology  Magna Cum Laude        H
Loup City        Casey        Hill        BS        Business Administration Comp
Loup City        Sara        Jaeschke        BS        Exercise Science  Honorable Mention
Martell        Patricia        Bomgaars        BS        Organizational Communication Comp  Cum Laude
Mason City        Amy        Rosentreader        BS        Business Administration Comp
Maxwell        Samantha        Stoetzel        BAE        History 7-12         Business 7-12        Honorable Mention
McCook        Christi        Burrows        BSE        Communication Disorders  Honorable Mention        H
McCook        Susan        Havlicek        MAEd        Special Education
McCook        Kari        Messinger        BS        Respiratory Therapy Comp
McCook        Kimberly        Pfanstiel        BAE        Middle Grades 4-9  Summa Cum Laude PKP, H
McCook        Nathan         Reicks        BS        Business Administration        Economics
McCook        Jennifer        Rittenhouse-ten Bensel        MBA        Business Administration
McCook        Jarod        Weidner        BS        Biology Cum Laude H
Merna        Thomas        Hoyt        BS        Exercise Science
Merna        Nicholas        Rush        BS        Business Administration Comp
Milford        Joel        Roth        BS        Agribusiness Comp
Milford        Ashley        Stutzman        BS        Organizational Communication Comp  Cum Laude
Milford        Krista        Wergin        BAE        Elementary Education        Early Childhood Unified        Summa Cum Laude
Minden        Cade        Craig        BS        Exercise Science  Honorable Mention  MB
Minden        Jordan        Hinrichsen        BS        Family Studies          Honorable Mention
Minden        Jessica        Osterbuhr        BS        Family Studies         Cum Laude
Neligh        Heather        Schrader        BAE        Elementary Education        English as a Second Language        Honorable Mention
Neligh        Jess        Underwood        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Neligh        Amanda        Ziegenbein        BS        Business Administration Comp
Nelson        Nikolaus        Statz        BS        Criminal Justice Comp
Norfolk        Nikki        Baumert        BS        Business Administration Comp
Norfolk        Elliott        Becker        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Norfolk        Alexandra        Frohberg        BS        Biology Comp  Magna Cum Laude
Norfolk        Crayton        Jirovsky        MSEd        Community Counseling
Norfolk        Tyler        O’Gorman        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Norfolk        Chandler        Schmidt        BS        Biology Comp
North Platte        Mary Lou        Altig        MAEd        Special Education
North Platte        Kristi        Chessmore        EDS        School Psychology
North Platte        Trishia        Hackbart        BS        Criminal Justice Comp
North Platte        Laurie        Hatch        MAEd        Special Education
North Platte        Robert        Heinzen        BAE        Music K-12  Cum Laude
North Platte        Sarah        Hille        BS        Criminal Justice        Psychology
North Platte        Staci        Mark        BSE        Mathematics 7-12         Physical Education 7-12
North Platte        Jessica        Ripple        BAE        Elementary Education        English as a Second Language        Summa Cum Laude
North Platte        Bret        Skiles        BS        Business Administration Comp
North Platte        Ben        Twarling        BS        Sports Administration
Odessa        Brent        Carmody        BAE        Health and PE K-12
Ogallala        Kayla        Buell        BAE        Elementary Education
Ogallala        Tanner        Fruit        BS        Exercise Science  Cum Laude
Ogallala        Cale        Holscher        BS        Exercise Science Comp
Ogallala        Katiana        Meyer        BS        Criminal Justice  Magna Cum Laude
Ogallala        John        O’Neil        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Ogallala        Kaitlin        Rudolph        BAE        Mild Moderate 7-12        History 7-12  Magna Cum Laude
Omaha        Ashley        Clatterbuck        BS        Organizational Communication Comp
Omaha        Abigail        Hughes        BS        Business Administration Comp  Magna Cum Laude H
Omaha        Sonja        Johnson        BSE        Mathematics 7-12  Honorable Mention
Omaha        Bryan        Kocanda        BS        Construction Management Comp
Omaha        Michael        Krupski        BS        Broadcasting  Honorable Mention
Omaha        Nicholas        Loyd        BS        Psychology
Omaha        Debra        Miller        MAEd        Special Education
Omaha        Christopher        Obradovich        BS        Criminal Justice Comp
Omaha        Kevin        Peterson        BS        Business Administration Comp
Omaha        Jason        Rhine        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Omaha        Jacqueline        Sommer        BAE        Elementary Education        Early Childhood Unified        Honorable Mention
Omaha        Sarah        Ward        MSEd        Speech Language Pathology
Omaha        Melissa        Zimmerman        MAEd        Art Education
Omaha        Maureen        Zohlen        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Omaha        Mark        Zulkoski        MAEd        School Principalship PK-8
O’Neill        Sara        Peter        BS        Family Studies
Ord        Marcus        Bish        BAE        Vocational Business 7-12
Ord        Dru        Kastler        BS        Business Administration Comp
Ord         Jace        Woollen        BS        Construction Management Comp
Orleans        Tyler        Tarkington        BAE        Health and PE K-12
Oshkosh        Kyle        O’Brien        BS        Exercise Science
Overton        Rachel        Hickey        BS        Family Studies
Overton        Jessica        McCarter        BS        Radiography Comprehensive
Overton        Alejandro        Morales        BA        Jour: Public Relations Magna Cum Laude
Page        Anthony        Gallagher        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Palisade        Charles        Schluckebier        BAE        Art K-12
Papillion        Emily        Adams        MAEd        Art Education
Papillion        Amianna        Carper Adler        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Papillion        Moboalji        Dada        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Papillion        Melissa        Moore        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Papillion        Dawn        Oltman        MSEd        School Counseling Student Affairs
Papillion        Alison        Sievers        BS        Jour: Advertising
Pawnee City        Lori        Gyhra        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Phillips        Brad        Kulus        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Phillips        David        Ziola        BS        Business Administration Comp
Pierce        Nelson        Micek        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Pilger        Caleb        Barth        BA        History
Plainview        Jared        Jensen        BS        Criminal Justice Comp  Honorable Mention
Platte Center        Clayton        Kush        BS        Jour: Sports Communication
Pleasanton        Samantha        Halstead        BS        Psychology  Honorable Mention
Plymouth        Michelle        Hermesch        BS        Exercise Science  Summa Cum Laude H, MB
Plymouth        Nicole        Milius        BS        Social Work Comp
Ralston         Kaitlin        Doty        BS        Organizational Communication Comp
Ravenna        Abby        Achtenberg        BS        Psychology
Ravenna        Clinton        Luth        BS        History Social Science Comp
Ravenna        Shelby        Treffer        BS        Business Administration Comp
Ravenna        Caitlin        Wolfe        BS        Respiratory Therapy Comp
Red Cloud        Landon        Hoffman        BS        Agribusiness Comp Cum Laude
Republican City        Natalie        Sindelar        BFA        Studio Art Comprehensive  Summa Cum Laude  PKP
Riverdale        Callie        Pratt        BS        Biology Comp
Rushville        Dawn        Schmitt        MSEd        Speech Language Pathology
Sargent        MaLania        Granger        BAE        Elementary Education
Schuyler        Mitchell        Kaup        BS        Business Administration Comp
Schuyler        Paul        Knutson        BS        Business Administration Comp  Honorable Mention
Schuyler        Dallas        Sweet        MAEd        School Principalship 7-12
Scottsbluff        Michael        Mason        EdS        School Superintendent
Scottsbluff        Lindsey        McGee        MSEd        Speech Language Pathology
Scottsbluff        Phillip        Sulu        BS        Social Work Comp
Seward        Teresa        Cousins        BS        Political Science   Criminal Justice
Seward        Tiffani        Luethke        BS        Organizational Communication Comp  Honorable Mention
Seward        Rachel        Wergin        MSEd        Speech Language Pathology
Shelby        Jenna        Schmidt        BAE  Elementary Education
Shelton        Amber        Kirkover        BS  Criminal Justice Comp
Sidney        Kelsi        Amen        BAE        Art K-12  Honorable Mention
Sidney        Joni        Kurz        BS        Business Administration Comp Cum Laude
Sidney        Brandon        Smith        BS        Exercise Science Comp
South Bend        Stephanie        Cunningham        BS        Geography and GI Science
Spalding        Nicole        Bauer        BS        Social Work Comp
Spalding        Kassandra        Diessner        BS        Family Studies
Spalding        Jeanie        Pritchard        BAE        Elementary Education        Physical Education K-6        Honorable Mention
Springview        Jason        Arens        BS        Jour: Sports Communication Honorable Mention
St. Libory        Jennifer        Sullivan        BAE        Early Childhood Unified         Elementary Education        Summa Cum Laude
St. Paul        Mathew        Harrington        BS        Exercise Science Comp
St. Paul        Cody        Jorgensen        BAE        Art K-12
St. Paul        Leanna        Brase        BS        Social Work Comp  Summa Cum Laude
Stamford        Amanda        Horwart        MSEd        Speech and Language Pathology
Staplehurst        Debra        Hegeholz        MAEd        Curriculum & Instruction
Stratton         Jennifer        Richardson        BA        History        Cum Laude
Stuart        Jason        Borg        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Stuart        Lucas        Kaup        BS        Business Administration Comp
Stuart        Chad        Kohle        BS        Construction Management Comp
Sumner        Robert        Jones        BS        Business Administration Comp  Cum Laude
Sutherland        Samantha        Brennan        BAE        Elementary Education        Early Childhood Unified        Magna Cum Laude
Sutherland        Debra        Paulman        MAEd        School Principalship PK-8
Tilden        James        Fox        BS        Aviation Systems Management
Tilden        Tracy        Larson        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Tilden        Kelli        Oelsligle        BS        Psychobiology        Summa Cum Laude        PKP
Trenton        David        Paprocki        BS        Chemistry Comp   Summa Cum Laude  PKP, H, MB
Trumbull        Bobbi        Stromer        BS        Professional Chemist Comp
Unadilla        Mitchell        Kimbell        BS        Construction Management Comp
Utica        Kristen        DeWaard        BSE        Communication Disorders
Utica        Jorden        Tobey        BAE        Elementary Education        Mild Moderate K-6   Honorable Mention
Valentine        Megan        Blume        BA        Jour:  Advertising        Jour: Public Relations   Honorable Mention
Valentine        Zebadiah        Graham        BS        Biology Comp
Verdigre        Ross        Pierce        BS        Business Administration Comp  Summa Cum Laude        PKP, H
Waco        Shannon        Foley        BS        Psychology  Honorable Mention H
Waco        Abby        Richter        BS        Jour: Mass Media   Magna Cum Laude
Wahoo        Daniel        Dunbar        BFA        Visual Communication and Design Comp Honorable Mention
Wahoo        Amanda        Hohn        BSE        Communication Disorders
Wahoo        Matthew        Tomjack        BS        Sports Administration
Wahoo         Laura        McAtee        BA        English         Philosophy        Cum Laude        H
Wakefield        Sara        White        BS        Business Administration Comp
Wallace        Philip        Lempke        BS        Computer Science Comprehensive  Honorable Mention   H
Wausa        Justin        Jensen        BS        Agribusiness Comp
Wayne        Joshua        Fink        BS        Criminal Justice        Honorable Mention
Wayne        Megan        Flohr        MAEd        Reading PK-12
Wayne        Luke        Gentrup        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Wayne        Nathan        Summerfield        BS        Business Administration Comp        Summa Cum Laude        H, MB
Wellfleet        Zachary        Leas        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Wilcox        Patrick        Kinerk        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Wolbach        Joseph        Christensen        BS        Telecommunications Management Comp  Cum Laude
Wymore        Stacy        Oblinger        BAE        Elementary Education        Mild Moderate K-6
York        Spencer        Huff        BS        Industrial Technology
York        Kendall        Mauer        BS        Exercise Science   Honorable Mention  H
York        Nicole        Potter        BSE        Biology 7-12        Health Education 7-12


Out-of-state students are listed below, alphabetically by state and hometown, along with their degrees, majors and honors: 
Alabama        Fairhope        Audra        Warren        MS        Biology
Alabama        Huntsville        Rhonda        Gantt        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Arkansas        Mountain View        John        Peden        MA        History
California        Arcadia         Matthew        Gill        BS        Business Economics Comp
California        Palmdale        Carey        Sedlacek        MS        Biology
California        Riverside        Derek        Gildner        MS        Biology
California        San Clemente        Brett        McCue        BS        Business Administration
California        Tracy        Mark        McKay        MS        Biology
Colorado        Broomfield        Kyle        Kaiser        BS        Sports Administration Comp
Colorado        Byers        Steven        Turecek        BS        Agribusiness Comp
Colorado        Cheyenne Wells        Kahlee        Roth        BSE        Communication Disorders  Magna Cum Laude
Colorado        Craig        Amanda        Vaughn        BAE        Elementary Education   Magna Cum Laude
Colorado        Fort Collins        Sharon        Field        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Colorado        Greeley        Maria        Cardenas        BS        Business Administration        Spanish Translation and Interpretation
Colorado        Holyoke        Brian        Hof        EdS        School Superintendent
Colorado        Holyoke        Kendra        Schlachter        BS        Exercise Science Comp
Colorado        Strasburg        Taylor        Streeter        BS        Psychology
Florida        Kissimmee        Sue        Panton        MS        Biology
Florida        Vero Beach        Donna        Presley        MS        Biology
Iowa        Ankeny        Deirdre        Kapka-Kitzman        MS        Biology
Iowa        Council Bluffs        Lindsay        Burns        BS        Family Studies
Iowa        Manchester        Katlyn        Heiserman        BS        Exercise Science  Cum Laude
Iowa        Missouri Valley        Heather        Weinrich        MAEd        Special Education
Iowa        Persia        Luke        Stamp        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp Honorable Mention
Iowa        Persia        Michael        Stamp        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp  Honorable Mention
Iowa        Waukee        Thomas        Dutcher        MAEd        Physical Education
Illinois        Cary        Jennifer        Weichle        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Illinois        Chicago        Rebecca        Liberty        MS        Biology
Illinois        Glen Ellyn        Kimberly        Kyp-Johnson        MAEd        Art Education
Illinois        Mokena        Dean        Sullivan        BAE        History 7-12        Physical Education 7-12
Illinois        Oak Forest        Angela        Swidergal        MSEd        School Counseling Student Affairs
Illinois        Riverton        Teresa        Denny        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Indiana        Danville        Brandon        Snodgrass        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kansas        Atwood        Stephanie        Sis        BAE        Elementary Education        Early Childhood Unified  Magna Cum Laude
Kansas        Atwood        Valerie        Sis        BSE        Mathematics 7-12        Spanish 7-12  Summa Cum Laude  H
Kansas        Clay Center        Nathan        Gile        BS        Business Administration Comp
Kansas        Goodland        Jillian        Parker        BM        Musical Theatre Comp        Cum Laude
Kansas        Norton        Alyssa        Kaus        BAE        Elementary Education        Early Childhood Unified
Kansas        Wichita        Brittany        Blasdel        BS        Sports Administration Comp
Massachusetts        Framingham        Nance        Moran        MS        Biology
Michigan        Houghton Lake        Kelly        Laura        MSEd        Instructional Technology
Michigan        Traverse City         Heather        Seites        MS        Biology
Minnesota        Slayton        Grant        Burch        BS        Political Science
Minnesota        Two Harbors        Kerry        Roalson        BA        History
Missouri        Grandview        Corrie        Clay-Royston        EdS        School Psychology
Missouri        Lawson        Andrea        Sampson        MS        Biology
Missouri        Neosho        Gary        Graham        EdS        School Superintendent
Mississippi        Ripley        Jessica        Prather        MAEd        Special Education
North Carolina        Polkville        Amy        Bridges        MS        Biology
North Carolina        Raleigh        Keisha        Stewart        MS        Biology
North Dakota        Beulah        Aron        Utecht        MA        History
North Dakota        Burlington        Lydell Mitchell        Lopez        MS        Biology
New Mexico        Galisteo        Brett        Barker        MAEd        Art Education
Nevada        Henderson        Jenice        Epp        MSEd        Community Counseling
Ohio        Zanesville        Shuk         Osborne        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
Oregon        Corvallis        Steve        Farrens        BS        Sports Administration Comp
Pennsylvania        Lancaster        Amy        Troyer        MS        Biology
Pennsylvania        Philadelphia        Hillary        Mix        MAEd        Reading PK-12
South Dakota        Pierre        Torri        Lechtenberg        BSE        Physical Science 7-12  Honorable Mention
Texas        Burleson        Nicholas        Langevin        MS        Biology
Texas        Houston        Rebecca        Wechter        BS        Exercise Science Comp  Magna Cum Laude
Texas        Killeen        Darrell        Bostick        MBA        Business Administration
Texas        Rockdale        Dawn        Clark        MAEd        Art Education
Virginia        Norfolk        Bergina        Sumler        MAEd        Reading PK-12
Virginia        Spotsylvania        Catherine        Jackson        MS        Biology
Virginia        Wachapreague        Sandra        Thornton        MS        Biology
Washington        Granite Falls        Jamie        Powers        BS        Business Administration Comp  Cum Laude PKP
Wisconsin        Delavan        Jeffrey        Sacco        BS        Criminal Justice Comp
Wisconsin        Milwaukee        Kevin        Robinson        BS        Exercise Science
Wyoming        Cheyenne        Cody        Spencer        BS        Industrial Distribution Comp
Wyoming        Cheyenne        Cody        Spencer        BA        International Studies
Wyoming        Jackson        Jessica        Lundeen        MAEd        Art Education
Wyoming        Pine Bluffs        Annastashia        Benson        EdS        School Psychology
Wyoming        Rawlins        Mahvash        Baig        MSEd        Speech-Language Pathology


International students are listed below, alphabetically by country and city, along with their degrees, majors and honors: 

AUSTRALIA        Melbourne        Jordan        Mitchelhill        BS        Business Administration Comp
CANADA        Midland        Margaret        Wilcox        MS        Biology
CHINA        Dongying        Wenqi        Sun        BS        Business Administration
CHINA        Lanzhou        Ying        Li        BS        Business Administration
CHINA        Shanghai        Yan        Xu        BS        Business Administration
CHINA        lanzhou        Xue        Mao        BA        Economics
CHINA        Yongzhou        Yintian        Duan        BS        Business Administration Comp Honorable Mention
CHINA        Suzhou        Wen        Xue        BS        Business Administration
CHINA        Yinchuan        Chen        Li        BS        Business Administration
CHINA        Xi’an        Yang        Zhao        BA        English  Honorable Mention
CHINA        Qingdao        Yang        Song        BFA        Visual Communication and Design Comp
CHINA        Heze        Meizi        Pan        BS        Business Administration
CHINA        Weihai        Zhen        Li        BS        Business Administration  Cum Laude
CHINA        Weihai        Minhua        Liu        MAEd        Curriculum and Instruction
CHINA        Ruili        Danxuan        Zhang        BS        Business Administration
COLOMBIA        Bogota        Maria         Parra Diaz        BA        Economics        International Studies        Magna Cum Laude
COTE D’IVOIRE        Abidjan        Adja        Kreme        BS        Telecommunications Management Comp
JAPAN        Kisarazu        Yuki        Sumi        BS        Exercise Science Comp
JAPAN        Minamisoma        Maiko        Sugahara        BM        Music Performance Comp
JAPAN        Kakamigahara        Naomi        Yonemoto        BFA        Studio Art Comprehensive
JAPAN                Keiko        Yoshida        BS        Business Administration Comp
JAPAN        Ise        Yui        Nishimoto        BS        Exercise Science Comp
JAPAN        Niigata-shi        Reo        Takahashi        BS        Exercise Science Comp Honorable Mention
JAPAN        Soka        Ayumi        Ikenaga        BS        Exercise Science Comp
JAPAN        Nasushiobara        Yoshinori        Okubo        BS        Physics
NEPAL        Kathmandu        Sanjeev        Pathak        BS        Business Administration Comp
NEPAL        Kathmandu        Ayush        Uprety        BS  Business Administration Comp Business Economics Comp  Magna Cum Laude PKP
NEPAL        Kathmandu        Sanjog        Pathak        BS        Business Administration Comp
SUDAN        Nasir        Peter        Deng        BS        Family Studies
THAILAND        Muang        Wisanu        Buakaew        MBA        Business Administration