Dr. Marguerite Tassi
English professor, 308.865.8117

A reception and book signing is set for Tuesday, April 26, for three University of Nebraska at Kearney faculty members.

The three — Drs. Barbara Emrys, Susan Honeyman and Marguerite Tassi — will discuss their books and be available to sign copies during the event, which begins at 3:30 p.m. in Thomas Hall, Room 106. The reception and book signing is free and open to the public.

Dr. Emrys’ book, titled “Wilkie Collins, Vera Caspary and the Evolution of the Casebook Novel,” explores the work of Wilkie Collins, one of the most popular novelists in England during the Victorian era. Collins’ innovations in form were later mirrored by Vera Caspary, who adapted “The Woman in White” into contemporary fictions three times. The text explores how the formal dialogue between Collins and Caspary has linked sensation fiction with noir thrillers and film noir.

In contrast, Dr. Honeyman’s book looks at manifestations of youth agency, and representations of agency produced for youth, as depicted in fairy tales, childlore and folk literature, investigating the dynamic of ideological manipulation and independent resistance as it can be read or expressed in bodies, first through social puppetry and then through coercive temptation. Among the tales she studied were “Popeye,” “Hansel and Gretel” and “Pinocchio.” Her book is titled “Consuming Agency in Fairy Tales, Childlore, and Folkliterature.”

Dr. Tassi’s book is titled “Women and Revenge in Shakespeare: Gender, Genre, and Ethics.” A number of Shakespeare’s female characters respond to moral outrages by expressing a desire for vengeance. Among the questions the book addresses are: “Can there be virtue in vengeance?” “Can revenge do ethical work?” “Can revenge be the obligation of Women?”