Alisha Hanshaw
Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment, 308.865.8526

At the University of Nebraska at Kearney students walk a narrow path to become a Student Diplomat.

“Becoming a Student Diplomat is a very rigorous process, where many students interview for the few positions that are available,” said Alisha Hanshaw, senior assistant director of Undergraduate Recruitment.

Selected applicants then go before a committee made up of current Student Diplomats and UNK Admissions counselors, as well as the UNK Campus Visit coordinator.

Among many of the responsibilities held by Student Diplomats is representing the university to prospective UNK students and their families, which requires Diplomats to possess effective public speaking and communication skills.  “These students are ideal for sharing stories with prospective students and their parents,” Hanshaw said.

Other duties involve support for recruitment events and participating in community service. In April, Student Diplomats will be teaching area seventh grade students etiquette skills, ranging from table manners to cell phone etiquette.

“I think it is a great experience for college students, because you get to interact with not only high school students but also with their parents,” said Student Diplomat Paul Knutson of Schuyler.  “I think that being a Diplomat really helps in my maturing and preparing for life after college.”

Knutson has been a Diplomat since 2009. “I like the people I work with,” he said. “I really enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds than my own.”

Currently there are 15 Student Diplomats from across the state and Iowa. The Diplomats are listed below, alphabetically by hometown:

Albion-Rudi Sup
Alma-Hilke Brandon
Aurora-Ali Titus
Ericson-Katie Swett
Filley-McKenzie Wiese 
Imperial-Joshua Schuman
Kearney-Sarah Abels
Lincoln-Pete White
Morrill- Jordan Gonzales
North Platte-Kara Crawford
O’Neill-Matt Wecker
Paxton- Katie Elder
Schuyler-Paul Knutson
St. Paul-Matt Harrington

Red Oak-Cam Deter