$1.4 Million in Budget Cuts Announced at UNK

Curt Carlson
Vice Chancellor for University Relations, 308.865.8529

University of Nebraska at Kearney Chancellor Doug Kristensen circulated documents campus-wide Thursday detailing where $1.429,241 in budgets are expected to be taken this fiscal year and requesting input from the campus community.

“This proposal reflects recommendations that were developed in an extended consultation process that has carefully considered our situation, Central Administration guidance, and a variety of options available both at major unit level and campus-wide,” he said. “We believe that the resulting package is a workable approach that will enable us to preserve core missions and sustain institutional momentum.”

However, there are still opportunities for input into the proposed budget cuts. A campus-wide forum is being planned, and the chancellor invited the campus to send written comments.

“Campus feedback has shaped our reduction plans importantly in the past, and we expect it to be just as valuable in this year’s process,” he said. “I encourage everyone to participate in the decision-making process.”

Planning for the budget cuts began early last spring, and involved administrative division leaders, deans and academic department chairs.

“We committed at the beginning to reduce impact on academic capability by finding administrative economies,” Chancellor Kristensen said.

“Throughout the process, we have been acutely conscious of strategic principles–our mission, vision and plan, including University-wide guidance,” he said. “This does not, of course, make every decision easy. In each unit, (proposed) cuts are meaningful and often hard to make.”