Visual Communications and Design Senior Exhibit in Walker Art Gallery now Through May 7

UNK – Eight University of Nebraska at Kearney senior art majors currently have their visual communications and design work featured at the Walker Art Gallery now through May 7.

The gallery, which is located in the UNK Fine Arts Building, is open 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. The gallery is free and open to the public.

According to John Fronczak, UNK Walker Art Gallery director, the Walker Art Gallery hosts senior exhibitions each fall and spring semester. “The senior exhibition schedule is divided between the visual communications and design seniors, who show together in one block, and the art education and studio seniors who will show together, or separately, dependent on the number of students involved and the nature of their degree candidacy,” Fronczak said.

Featured students, their work and their comments are listed below, alphabetically by hometown.

Kacee Geiger of Exeter is presenting “Treehouse Daycare.”

“I made this daycare focused around the four environmental needs of children and then created designs to explain what these were,” Geiger said. “I constructed my designs for a dual audience, which is to be fun enough for children and sophisticated enough for their parents.”

Trevor Dobberstein of Kearney is presenting his work titled, “Arcane Heights Amusement Park.”

“I’ve always designed in a way that is more minimalistic, where each element of the work helps add up to create a strong design over all,” Dobberstein said. “I tried to convey that idea with this show, using solid logos as a springboard for the rest of the design to work off of.”

Amy Jacobson of Kearney is presenting her work titled, “Nodus: Center for New Media Arts,” along with her exhibition titled, “For Loss of Words, Abbreviated Texts.”

“My exhibition is of text messaging and includes three artists along with their perspective on text messaging today,” Jacobsen said. ““I strive in all communications, whether it is art or visual design, to communicate effectively and with true intentions.”

Carla Frisch of Madison is presenting “Home Grown Organic Greenhouse,” which explores and highlights the healthy benefits of organic gardening.

“By incorporating not only the growing directions but also the nutrition facts of the products offered, consumers can see the nutritional benefits they have to look forward to after planting and caring for their seeds,” Frisch said.

Bradley Kollath of Omaha is presenting his graphic design work titled, “Quarked Wines Branding Strategy.”

“My goal is to make a succinct branding strategy for a wine company that adds a level of depth that many wineries lack,” Kollath said.  “I will be focusing on a smaller demographic so my design direction can be concise and appeal to them.”

Afton Palmer of Omaha is presenting “Covenant,” which features graphic design work.

“After graduation, I hope to find a job in Omaha as a graphic designer and work my way up to my own design business,” Palmer said.

Carrie Niemoth of Seward is presenting her work titled, “Nature Planned.”

According to Niemoth, a designer’s job is to solve communication problems. “Your creativity lies in how you solve them.”

Tonya Adamiak of South Sioux City is displaying her work of print media and promotional material.

“I will be implementing my own personal photography and some borrowed photography to show how the company’s equipment can be used to heighten the use and final product of any photographers work,” Adamiak said.