NEWS ADVISORY: Sigma Xi Science Cafe topic ‘I’m just a drug’ (How a drug becomes a pharmaceutical agent.) on Monday, April 26, Thunderhead Brewery.

Dr. William Wozniak
professor, Department of Psychology, 308.865.8242

UNK Chapter of Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society

Presents a Science Café
Monday, April 26, 2010
5 PM
Thunderhead Brewery (second floor)
18 East 21st Street

“I’m just a drug” …
(How a drug becomes a pharmaceutical agent)

Dr. Michael Mosher, Chemistry
University of Nebraska at Kearney

A history of drugs and medicinal chemistry will be presented from Galen and Paracelsus to the modern pharmacy.  Current drug design and development as it pertains to the modern pharmaceutical industry will be the main focus of the discussion as we watch a drug become a lead and then a pharmaceutical agent.  Along the way, we’ll examine the development of aspirin, cimetidine and thalidomide and delve into basic research in the preparation of antidiabetogenic agents such as ISO-1.