Cheryl Bressington
Human Resources director, 308.865.8388

UNK- The University of Nebraska at Kearney “Celebrating Excellence” retirement and service award luncheon and recognition will take place Tuesday, April 13, in the Nebraskan Student Union.

Six retirees will be recognized during the luncheon, which begins at 12:30 p.m. Retirees being recognized will include Dr. Elaine Batenhorst, Department of Teacher Education; Dr. Gary Davis, Department of Music & Performing Arts and director of the UNK Honors Program; Dr. Dick Lebsack, Department of Management; John Lillis, archives/reference librarian; Bernard Lyons Jr., Facilities Management and Planning; and Dr. Phyllis Markussen, Family Studies and Interior Design.

In addition, there are six retirees who will not be present. They include: Duane Espenhover, Residential and Greek Life; Christie Hartford, Residential and Greek Life; Nikki Kriz, KASE Teacher Certification and Education Office; Dr. Don Morgan, Department of Accounting/Finance; and Larry Russell, Residential and Greek Life.

At 1:30 p.m., service awards will be presented. Of those being recognized for their years of service, Robert Young in the Department of Accounting/Finance will be recognized for the most years of service– 45.

Others being recognized for years of service are listed below, in descending order:

Jane Sheldon, Business Services, 35;
Dr. Elaine Batenhorst, Teacher Education, 30;
Dannien Jones, Natural & Social Sciences, 30;
Anita Kucera, Residential and Greek Life, 30;
Sherry        Morrow, Nebraska Safety Center, 30;
Frederick Will, Facilities Management & Planning, 25;
Karin Covalt, Assessment Office, 25;
Daniel        Kutsch, Facilities Management & Planning, 25;
Bonnie Mumm, Business and Finance, 25;
Dr. Donald Niemann, Mathematics & Statistics, 25;
Dr. Edgar Scantling III, Education, 25;
Donna        Walker, Student Center/Union, 25;
Leiton “Swede” Anderson, Facilities Management & Planning, 20;
Jeanne Chamberlin, Computer Science & Information, 20;
Mary Daake, Academic Advising, 20;
Cecelia Davis, Counseling & School Psychology, 20;
Dr. Gary Davis, Music & Performing Arts, 20;
Shelly Fleck, College of Education, 20;
Dee Goedert, Library, 20;
Bernard Lyons Jr, Residential and Greek Life, 20;
Dr. Richard Miller, Psychology, 20;
Dorothy Nutter, Graduate Studies & Research, 20;
Larry Russell, Residential and Greek Life, 20;
Judy Spellman, Student Life Division, 20;
Judy Spivey, Communication, 20;
Dr. Theresa Wadkins, Psychology, 20;
Kayla James, Finance Office,        15;
Diana Jones, Student Records, 15;
Jon Larsen, Intercollegiate Athletics, 15;
Dixie Larson, EO/Affirmative Action, 15;
Dr. Robert Luscher, English, 15;
Dr. Michael Mosher, Academic Affairs, 15;
Karen Premer, eCampus, 15;
Richard Wardyn, Facilities Management & Planning, 15;
JoLene Williams, Admissions, 15;
Dr. Gene Wubbels, Chemistry, 15;
Dawn Adams, Police and Parking Services, 10;
Holly Carnes, Intercollegiate Athletics, 10;
Gary Clark, Facilities Management & Planning, 10;
Stacy Darveau, College of Business & Technology, 10;
Joan DeHaven, Finance Office, 10;
Susan        Deiger, Theatre, 10;
Carl Frerichs, Facilities Management & Planning, 10;
Kathleen Ganz, Health Care, 10;
Julie Gunderson, Educational Administration, 10;
Dr. Sherri Harms, Computer Science & Information, 10;
Lisa Henk, Nebraska Safety Center, 10;
Timothy Hogins, Residential and Greek Life, 10;
Otis Ingersoll, Nebraska Business & Development Center, 10;
Brian James, Facilities Management & Planning, 10;
Scott Jochum, Industrial Technology, 10;
Anita Lorentzen Wells, English, 10;
Dr. Darleen Mitchell, Music & Performing Arts, 10;
Richard Simonson, Biology, 10;
Dr. Daren Snider, Modern Languages, 10;
Dr. Jane Strawhecker, Teacher Education, 10;
Carol Tjernagel, Teacher Education, 10;
Bruce Uden, Facilities Management & Planning, 10