Chancellor Doug Kristensen

What’s in a name?
When it comes to  buildings on the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus, a name can signify the use, such as the Health and Sports Center; honor service to the campus, such as Thomas Hall, named for the first president of the campus; or honor extraordinary support or service, such as the Ron and Carol Cope Stadium, named for two prominent UNK benefactors.
And usually, the naming process takes place within the institution. However, this week, UNK Chancellor Doug Kristensen opened the naming of three new residence halls, and the “bridge room” that connects two of them, to participation beyond the campus to include not only UNK alumni and the Kearney community but also the general public.  
The three halls are currently known as Building A, Building B and Building C. The first hall, Building C, is to be completed by the fall of 2007; Building A and Building B, and the “bridge room,” by fall of 2008.
“With the construction of three new residence halls, we have decided to consolidate the process by which we solicit and evaluate suggestions for names of the facilities,” Chancellor Kristensen said. “We envision that each hall will have its own name, and we would also like to receive naming suggestions for the bridge room, which will be a campus landmark in its own right.  
“We seek names that will resonate with UNK’s heritage and honor enduring institutional values,” he said. “Each nomination will be reviewed carefully in that light. Accordingly, nominators should not assume that rationales are self-evident. Detailed justifications are recommended,” he said.    
“We hope,” Chancellor Kristensen concluded, “that many alumni with fond memories of their residence hall experience will want to help us name these wonderful new buildings. Also, in recognition of the long and rich history of UNK/community collaboration and mutual support, we are inviting citizens from Kearney and other communities across Nebraska to participate in the naming process.”
Suggested names, and the supporting rationale for each, are to be submitted to John Lakey, UNK vice chancellor for Business & Finance, by Nov. 6. To submit proposed names on-line, individuals can go to http://www.unk.edu/naming, fill in the forms, and click on “submit.”  
Those nominations that are received by the deadline and meet the university criteria, which are listed on the Web site along with the nominating forms, will be published on the Web for general review and comment.
“The comment period will extend for 30 days,” Lakey said. “At the end of the comment period, the recommendations and feedback will be reviewed by the UNK Facilities Advisory Committee, which will provide Chancellor Kristensen with a report that includes an evaluation of each nomination.”  
The suggested names and evaluations will also be reviewed by the UNK Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the UNK Administrative Council.  
“Final approval authority will rest with Chancellor Kristensen and University President Milliken for generic or use-related names for the buildings and the bridge room,” Lakey said. “For facility names honoring an individual, family, group or organization, final approval will rest with the Board of Regents.”  
“Persons who have been university employees or elected officials cannot be eligible until five years have elapsed after the individual’s death, departure, retirement, or end of service in office,” Lakey said.