UNK Alert

Renee Ballenger

UNK AlertUNK has initiated an emergency notification system called UNK Alert that will alert students and employees of emergency situations by way of landline telephones, cellular telephones, and texting and email accounts. “We conducted our first test of this new emergency notification system in late February, and it went very well.”

John Lakey, member of the Executive Committee of UNK’s Emergency Operations Team (EOT), says. “We learned a few things about how to administer the program, and will be incorporating those improvements into the next system test in March.” Data has been uploading into the ConnectED/Blackboard system and Lopers should be seeing indications of this new information and system, currently. The EOT Communications Committee has been working with various groups across campus to ensure contact info contact (per ESS) is updated and valid. Lakey explains that all employees can help with this effort by going into ESS and making sure your contact info is correct.

In the UNK Alert program, there is an option for users to opt-in to the text messaging avenue; a TTY option; and the capacity to disseminate emergency notifications in different languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. If you have any questions or concerns about the UNK Alert program, email Lakey at lakeyj@unk.edu