Four New Individuals Join Staff Senate

Renee Ballenger

Four new staff have been elected as senators for Staff Senate, to fill chairs vacated due to term fulfillments.

In the Administrative category, KrisAnn Sullivan, Director of the Frank House, has been chosen as the new senator. Sullivan ran unopposed and replaces Audrey Kauders who is completing her sixth year of service on Staff Senate.

In the Managerial/Professional category, Mary Daake, Director of Academic Advising, was elected. She replaces Jami Schaffnitt who currently serves as President of Staff Senate.

Cecelia (Cel) Davis, Office Associate in Counseling and School Psychology, was selected from a pool of 12 nominees. Cel will fill the seat vacated by Fauneil Meier, who is the current Staff Senate Vice President.

And, in the Service category, Brenda Marker, Custodial Leader for Facilities Management and Planning, was elected to replace outgoing Senator Michael Geiger from Residential and Greek Life.

Staff senators are elected for a three-year term of service. Dixie Larson, who serves on the Elections Committee of the Staff Senate, says, “This is the first year that I remember since I have been on the committee that the Office, Service and Managerial/Professional elections have all had some very close races. At one point, two of the groups had ties going. Managerial/Professional had a three-way tie at one time.”

Participation in the process on all fronts was notable. A total of 96 nominations were made by 137 individuals. Of those 96, 37 accepted their nominations. Sixty-one percent of the eligible voters submitted their choice in this year’s election