Office of Multicultural Affairs Recognizes Student Leadership and Academic Achievement

Juan Guzman
UNK Office of Multicultural Affairs director, 308.865.8127

UNK- Elizabeth Orozco-Navarez of Lexington was named Student of the Year and Alfredo Lara, also of Lexington was named Freshman of the Year at the recent Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) Awards Banquet at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.
The Student of the Year and Freshman of the Year awards recognize the students that exemplify academic excellence, leadership on the UNK campus and involvement. More than 100 students who have participated in OMA-sponsored events and activities were recognized with awards for excellence in leadership and academics. OMA also honored the 10 graduating seniors. 
Tracy Lungrin, UNK Greek adviser who assists the three multicultural Greek organizations; John O’Malley, who serves as faculty adviser to the Queer Straight Alliance (QSA); and Bridgette Swenson, faculty adviser for Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority. Dusty Newton, director of Undergraduate Admissions; Bonnie Payne, campus events coordinator; and Dr. Zeller, UNK dean of Student Life, were all recognized for their assistance and support of all OMA activities during the year. 
The student award recipients, and the awards they received, are listed below, alphabetically by hometown: 
Rebecca Acosta, leadership 
Mary Goetz, academic and leadership 
Sarah DeWyke, academic and leadership; Nancy Jimenez, academic and leadership; and Cesia Roche, academic and leadership 
Esmeralda Bravo-Ramos, academic 
Ana Castenada, leadership 
Cristal Grado, academic and leadership; Rosaura Nunez, academic; and
Viannet Nunez, leadership 
Grand Island-
Viridiana Almanza Zavala, academic and leadership; Ana Arroyo, academic; Nina Batenhorst, academic and leadership; Mariana Cruz, leadership; Cristina DeLeon, academic; Echo Esquitin, academic; Astrid Garcia, academic; Karla Green, academic and leadership; Alma Gutierrez, academic and leadership; Jose Gutierrez, academic; Ana Mendoza Caceres, academic; Laura Ortega, leadership; Jose Perea, leadership; Sheila Quintana, academic; Cristian Rodriguez, academic; and Paulina Ross, academic 
Sandra Gabriel, academic and leadership 
Juan Carlos Gallegos, academic and leadership; and Christopher Pendroza,
academic and graduate 
Samantha Hastreiter, academic and leadership 
Meesha Lopez, academic; Liz Martinez, academic and leadership; Stacy
Ramallo, academic; and Danielle Schultz, academic 
Moises Castillo, leadership 
Blanca Aldana-Lopez, academic and leadership; Michael Ambriz, leadership and graduate; Anabel Andrade, leadership; Nancy Andrade, academic; Daniel Arias, academic; Gabriela Avalos, academic; Dayvid Cardenas, academic; Erick DeLaTorre, academic; Brenda DeLeon, academic and graduate; Nancy DeSantiago, academic and leadership; John Estrada , academic; Jaime Flores, leadership and graduate; Carlos Godinez, leadership; Socorro Gomez, leadership; Jesus Danny Granillo, academic and leadership; Marianna Hernandez, academic; Daniel Jaimes, academic; Alfredo Lara , academic and Freshman of the Year; Marisol Lopez, leadership; Tanya Maloley , academic and leadership; Abigail Martinez, academic; Maria del Carmen Montes, leadership and graduate; Elizabeth Orozco Navarez, academic, leadership and Student of the Year; Jorge Ortega, leadership;  Alejandro Pinedo, academic; Brenda Pinedo, academic and leadership; Nancy Pinedo, academic; Gustavo Ramirez, academic; Sandra Reyes, academic and leadership; Justin Teeters, leadership; Umberto Tornel-Mariscal, leadership; and Sandra Torres, academic and graduate 
Daphne Darter, academic; Margot Nason, leadership; Meagan Smejdir, academic; and Lynda Tran, academic and                         leadership 
Ana Barbosa, academic; Kristen Brockman, academic, leadership and graduate; Laura Ceron, academic; Adam Couture, academic; Sarah Frick, academic and graduate; Treldon Jones, leadership; Kirsten Kronberg, academic and leadership; and Riva Wilson, leadership 
Aaron Gallegos, academic, and Marco Vera Chavez, leadership 
Douglas Haas, academic 
Bryan Frost, academic and leadership, and Alejandro Morales, academic 
Alfredo Alarcon, academic; Monica Arroyo, academic and leadership; Cindy Corrall, academic and leadership; Karina Cruz, academic and leadership; Mitchell Kaup, academic; Joel Lemus, academic, leadership and graduate; Evelyn Ortiz, academic; Gabby Quezada, academic; Cristobal Salinas, Jr., academic and leadership; Ricardo Sanabria, academic and leadership; and
Enrique Torres, academic   
Jose Lara, academic; Christopher Sulu, academic and leadership; and
Phillip Sulu, academic and leadership 
Maritza Bernal, academic and leadership 
Wood River-
Maria Trejo-Guerrero, academic 
Maria Zarraga, academic 

Justine Agaloos, leadership 


Maria Camila Parra Diaz, academic 

Kusum Adhikari, academic and leadership; A. Sanam Bhaila, academic and leadership;
Ramesh Neupane, academic and leadership; Grishma Ojha, leadership; Sanjong Pathak, academic and leadership; Achala Sharma, academic and leadership; and Sapana Upadhyay, academic and leadership 
Hoa Nguyen, leadership and graduate