UNK Chemistry Department Faculty And Students To Present Research In Kansas City, MO

Dr. Chris Exstrom
professor of chemistry, 308-865-8565, exstromc@unk.edu

Eight students and seven faculty members from the University of Nebraska at Kearney Department of Chemistry will present their research results at the 42nd American Chemical Society (ACS) Midwest Regional Meeting in Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 7-10.

“This is not only a great opportunity for faculty development, but the opportunity is also very accessible and very important for the students,” said Dr. Chris Exstrom, professor of chemistry. UNK regularly sends faculty and students to the ACS meetings.    

Dr. Exstrom said that the department places an emphasis on undergraduate research as it is an important step to obtaining a degree in chemistry from UNK. The faculty identify interested students in the classroom who they feel could benefit from the research experience. The department then invites 10-12 freshmen students to participate in an apprentice program each spring that introduces the students to research techniques. Research can either be full-time during the summer or part-time during the school year. Students can earn college credit for their work or get paid, if grant money is available.

Each year, the ACS hosts two national meetings, and each region hosts a regional meeting. Next fall, UNK will host the 43rd Midwest Regional Meeting for the first time.

Listed below is the student who will be presenting a research project, the title of the project and their faculty mentors:
Auburn–  Patrick Teten, “Ozonolysis of 1-Decene,” (Dr. Michael Mosher)
Kearney–  Morgan Farrell, “Bis-Intercalating Acridines,” (Dr. Michael Mosher)
Kearney–  Jenny Fusby, “A Rapid Route to ?2-Isoxazolines,” (Dr. Michael Mosher)
Kearney–  Matt Ingersoll, “Solid-State Intermediates in the Solvothermal Preparation of Nanocrystalline CuInSe2,” (Drs. Chris Exstrom and Scott Darveau)
Kearney–  Danielle Policarpio, “Development of an Aerosol Albedometer,” (Dr. Jonathan Thompson)
Smithfield–  Wes Whitten, “Synthesis of ?2-Isoxazolines from Unsaturated Ketones,” (Dr. Michael Mosher)
            Norton–  Andrea Martinez-Skinner, “Ionic Strength and Counterion Effects on the Solvothermal Preparation of CuInSe2,” (Drs. Chris Exstrom and Scott Darveau)
            Norton– Amber Norman, “Enantioselectivity in the Synthesis of 3,5-Distributed ?2-Isoxazolines,” (Dr. Michael Mosher)