Marsha Yeagley
marketing/MIS department senior lecturer, 308.865.8345

For many students, being involved in a campus organization provides a gateway to career skills, internships and camaraderie.

Recently a select few members in student organizations within the University of Nebraska at Kearney College of Business and Technology were able to add leadership as a trait they learned in their respective groups.

Leadership in an organization provides a way for students to differentiate themselves, said Marsha Yeagley, UNK lecturer of marketing and MIS.

 “Student organizations help our students market themselves, and not only teach them networking skills and leadership qualities, but also how to take what they have learned in class and apply it to real situations, Yeagley said.

Organizations with newly elected officers include:

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)  – a group that provides students with a better understanding of the vital role that technology plays in relationship to management in business.

Family Studies – Dr. Jennifer Crosswhite-Gamble, assistant professor of family studies and the Family Studies Student Organization adviser, said that the purpose of this group is to “provide family studies students a connection to the community and their peers to equip them with knowledge and experience for their future and serving families.”
Omicron Delta Epsilon – an economics honor society that requires members to complete 12 credit hours of economics courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
Financial Leaders – an organization that complements its members’ education with exposure to financial professionals and institutions. The organization also promotes networking between students and financial professionals.  

American Marketing Association (AMA) – an organization that is open to all business majors and finds professional speakers to give members an inside view of the marketing field.

Phi Beta Lambda – a collegiate division of Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda Inc. According to the student organization Web site, the mission of Phi Beta Lambda is “to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career programs.” Membership in Phi Beta Lambda is open to all students with an interest in any business field.
The following students have been named as office holders in the preceding student organizations. They are listed alphabetically by hometown with their organization and position included.
Albion  –      Suzanne Riley, president of Family Studies
Atkinson –      Eric LeMunyon, secretary of Phi Beta Lambda
Broken Bow  – Lance McKenney, community relations chair for Phi Beta Lambda;
     Kadi Ryan, publicity chair for Family Studies 
 –      Cory Rutten, secretary of AITP
Elwood  –       Chelsey Bellamy, historian of Phi Beta Lambda
Franklin –         Melinda Rasmussen, secretary of Financial Leaders
Fremont  –      Sean Atwell, president of Omicron Delta Epsilon
Fullerton –       Sonya Lange, vice president of communications for AMA
Gibbon  –     Eddie Larraga, vice president of Financial Leaders
Gothenburg  –  Melissa McMinn, recruitment co-chair for Phi Beta Lambda
Grand Island –  Craig Beaman, recruitment co-chair for Phi Beta Lambda; Brian
     Fandry, vice president of Phi Beta Lambda; Steve Meier, treasurer
     of Financial Leaders
Lexington –      Nicole Atterberry, vice president of nontraditional students for
     Family Studies; Ryan Kulhanek, vice president of membership for
Kearney –      Justine Derr, secretary of Family Studies; Francesca Hunt, vice
     president of promotion for AMA
North Platte –  Tom Stehno, treasurer of Phi Beta Lambda; Matt Wallace,
     president of AMA
Omaha  –      Anna Cziria, president of AITP; Anna Gregory, president of
     Financial Leaders; Alec Kudra, parliamentarian of Phi Beta Lambda
Pierce –      Casey Marshall, vice president of career services for AMA
Red Cloud  –      Danielle Strickland, vice president of traditional students for Family
St. Paul  –      Mike Eiberger, president of Phi Beta Lambda
Schuyler –      Becca Juranek, treasurer of Family Studies
Sidney –       BrenDee Brauer, community relations chair for Phi Beta Lambda
Wayne –      Alysa Heithold, vice president of programs for AMA

      Buena Vista –
 Jake Riley, vice president of AMA

 – Kim Dennison, vice president of finance of AMA

         – Krishna Dallakoti, treasurer of AITP

According to Yeagley, every student should belong to a student organization. She also said many students belong to multiple organizations within the College of Business and Technology.

“All of these organizations are collegiate chapters that help develop leadership, networking, and communication skills,” Yeagley said. “In addition, they expose students to the profession and the challenges they will face. Typically, students are involved in a philanthropy and apply what they have learned in the classroom to projects.”