Richard Schuessler
professor of art, 308.865.8350

The sculptures, paintings and ceramic works of three University of Nebraska at Kearney art students will be on display in the UNK Walker Art Gallery April 3 -14.
As a graduation requirement, all UNK art students must participate in the senior show. These exhibits display the artistic talent of each student in their perspective focus.
Students with work in the exhibit, the second in a series, are listed below:

John Christopher Cook  of Lexington  is the son of Ed and Betty Cook of Kearney. He is a graduate student earning an art education endorsement. Cook’s show is a collection of 14 ceramic works. Among the works being shown are Golden Handcuffs, Albatross and Srebrenica.  After graduation, Cook plans to teach art at the secondary level.
Cook said, “I pay homage to the ancient Greek potters and vase painters with their strong forms and coherent narratives. I used classical vessels as a starting point, but my forms are clearly modern and derivative.”

Tristan James Gorgen  is the daughter of Dana and Julia Gorgen of Grant . Gorgen’s show consists of nine two-dimensional acrylic paintings. Some titles include Rage Beneath the Sea, Utopian Courtyard and Rhodes.  Upon completion of her degree, Gorgen plans to exhibit her work locally, and work in advertising, restoration or book illustration.
Gorgen said, “It was my intent to produce a body of work focused on landscape painting. I have also chosen to explore myth and have based much of my work on mythological subject matter.”

Cherry Neu Stevens  is the daughter of LeRoy and Peg Stevens of Lisco . Stevens’ sculptures include cast iron, cast concrete, steel and cast bronze works. She will display three works – To see a Forest for the Trees, Flourish  and Ineffectual Flight.  Stevens plans to attend graduate school at Kansas State University in Manhattan, where she plans to continue her study of sculpture.
Stevens said, “In this body of work, I have attempted to utilize simple elements of nature, abstract them and ultimately recreate them in the realm of architecture by employing modern architectural materials.”