Randal Haack
vice chancellor for Business and Finance, 308.865.8205

As demolition of two residence halls on the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus continues, many are taking a few minutes out of their day to view the progress, but they’re not doing it as “sidewalk superintendents.” Rather, they’re able to watch via their computers through an on-site webcam.
“You can view the site at any time,” said Dr. Randy Haack, UNK vice chancellor for Business & Finance.
The two residence halls, Case and Ludden, are being demolished to clear space for three new residence halls. The new halls will have suite-style rooms and house approximately 330 students at a project cost of about $22 million.  
To see the work in progress, individuals log on to  After loading the Web page, viewers are entered in sequence to operate the webcam.
“If the top of the Web page has ‘Camera is Available’ listed under the ‘control’ column, people can drag one of the bars of the viewing box, and then they will be in control of the camera,” Dr. Haack explained. If the bars are not
visible, that means that someone else is currently in control of the webcam.

However, when the bars are visible, viewers can move the camera left or right, and zoom to view specific objects more clearly. There is also a button to snap a picture of the current view. Each viewer is allotted three minutes to control the camera.        
“Even if you are not in control of the camera, you can still view the site, while someone else is running the camera,” he said.

“If there are many people in line to control the webcam, you can check back at a later time to have a better chance of running it yourself,” he concluded.