Dr. Julie Shaffer

Five high ability high school students are attending the 2004 Outdoor Biology Camp at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

According to Dr. Julie Shaffer, the camp director, “This camp exposes students to hands-on biology at a level that they would be unable to obtain at schools due to time and money restrictions. Hopefully, students will get excited about biology, and the careers it has to offer. We would also like to educate the students on real issues facing all Nebraskans, like natural resource use and exotic species invasion.”

As part of the camp, students will be taken into the field everyday. They will collect plants at the Ft. Kearny Recreation Area and talk about natural resource use at Rowe Sanctuary. Students will look at water quality and environmental contamination by touring the waste water treatment facility in Kearney and then test water samples Turkey Creek. Students will also tour the Meat and Agricultural Research Facility at Clay Center. One day will be devoted to understanding Biodiversity, as well as plant and animal patterns across the landscape. The final project for the students is a look at the new field of forensics and how science is used to identify people using DNA.

To be accepted into the biology camp, students must have previously taken a biology class and were expected to have a strong interest in biology.

The students who are attending the 2004 Outdoor Biology Camp at UNK are listed below, alphabetically by their hometowns:
Alliance – Camy Joule
Ashland – Abby Nietfeld and Kaelyn Powell
Osmond – Stacy Pavlik
Thedford – Katherine Hamilton