UNK Launches New Campaign Aimed At Eastern Nebraska: “Don’t Forget Kearney.”

Chancellor Doug Kristensen

Eastern Nebraska business and civic leaders are the initial targets of a new marketing campaign launched this week by the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Full-page ads in Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and U.S. News & World report focus on key messages that differentiate UNK from other institutions and urge readers, “Don’t Forget Kearney.”

Developed following a 2003 Opinion Survey that revealed 34.7 percent of respondents in eastern Nebraska knew little about UNK, the campaign seeks to inform those audiences about UNK’s distinctive benefits. The ad will appear in targeted zip code editions – primarily eastern Nebraska – of the national magazines in March, May, and September.

In advance of the magazine ads, a personalized letter from Chancellor Doug Kristensen with a copy of the ad was sent to eastern Nebraska business and civic leaders this week.

While advertising in high-profile publications is an essential part of the delivery system, “it’s the message that’s the most important part of the campaign,” Chancellor Kristensen said. “UNK excels in providing a personalized alternative in a university-scaled curriculum taught by full-time professors; students have access to state-of-the-art technology; UNK is a beautiful, modern campus that offers an array of student activities; UNK is affordable – a great value; and, the Kearney community is vibrant, student supportive, and accessible.”

If you want (students) to find the ideal university, says Kristensen in the ad, “Don’t Forget Kearney.”