UNK to offer “The Sociology of the Holocaust” next fall

Kurt Borchard
(308) 865-8761

The University of Nebraska at Kearney Sociology Department will be offering a new Special Topics class this fall, “The Sociology of the Holocaust.”

There are no pre-requisites for the course and it is designed to be interesting to students from a range of majors, including but not limited to Art and Art History, Communications, Criminal Justice, English, History, Modern Languages, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Dr. Kurt Borchard, assistant professor of sociology, will be teaching the course. “I’m excited to teach this course as I have recently received a Fellowship to attend the Annual Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization held at Northwestern University,” said Borchard. “The Institute will allow me exposure to nationally recognized experts in Holocaust Studies over the summer. Through my studies at the Institute, I’m hoping to offer UNK students a thought-provoking and engaging class on one of the worst human catastrophes of the twentieth century.”

A portion of the class will focus on memorials and monuments dedicated to victims of the Holocaust. Students will also consider the Holocaust through the reading of several texts and the viewings of documentary films concerning the Holocaust. Part of the course will ask students to keep a journal on the films and readings, allowing students to think sociologically about how and why such an enormous catastrophe could have occurred.

Please contact Dr. Borchard at (308) 865-8761 for more information about the course.