UNK to Host 2002 Psychology Fair

Dr. Joseph Benz
Department of psychology professor, 308.865.8238

The University of Nebraska at Kearney Psychology Department is hosting the Second Biannual High School Psychology Fair on October 17 from 10 a.m.-12 noon and 1p.m.-3p.m in the Nebraskan Student Union and Copeland Hall.
Approximately 150 UNK undergraduate students from various psychology classes will perform approximately 45 demonstrations of psychological principles and concepts.

“The purpose of the fair is to give high school students a better understanding of psychology,” said Dr. Joseph Springer, professor in the Psychology Department.

The topics that are being presented are listed below.

Displays located in the Nebraskan Student Union room 238:

Title Table Number
A-mazing rats Center
Detecting Emotion 1
The Development of Drawing: from 2
Scribble to Picasso
Personal Space 3
Infant Vision 4
Birth Order and Personality 5
Prism Goggles 6
Mueller-Lyer Illusion 7
Name that Crawl 8
Deindividuation 9
The WOG test 10
Matching Figures 11
Person Perception 12
Conservation 13
Object Permanence 14
Divergent Thinking 15
The Actor/Observer Effect 16
Self-Report Measures of Depression 17
Can Psychologists Really use Inkblots to Discover Your Personality? 18
Facts/Falsehoods about Mental
Social Behavior of Isolation-reared rats 20
Rating Infant Behavior 21
Infant Assessment 22
Correlational vs. Experimental Research 23
Student Worries 24
Attachment 25
Object Permanence 26
Infant Sleep 27
Displays located in Copeland Hall:
Title Room Number
Ames Window 303E
Detecting Deception (Polygraph) 303H
Memory and Reaction Time (False confessions) 303I
The Psychic Computer 303J
Judging Achievement 303K
Music and Performance 304G
Learned Helplessness 335
Memory and Cognition Computer Demos 321
The Hobbits and the Orcs 343
Poggendorff Illusion 343
Memory Demonstration 343
Long-term Memory for Common Sounds 343
Radar – Signal Detection Theory 343
Tower of Hanoi 343
Personality & Game Preference 330
Sniffy the virtual rat 331
Chi Flow Visualization I: The Unbendable Arm 333
Chi Flow Visualization II: Heavier or Lighter? 333
Chi Flow Visualization III: Strength Sapping 333
Pulfrich stereophenomenon 333
Psychological Reactance 335
Neuroanatomy, Structure of the Brain 340
Pathology of the head 340
Neuropsychology, Is your brain working right? 340
Eyewitness Testimony 342
Rumor Transmission 335
Visual Cliff 353
Color afterimages 354