Dr. David Nabb, University of Nebraska at Kearney Music and Performing Arts instructor, will play a one-handed prototype saxophone in a student quartet on Wednesday, November 7 at 5 p.m. in the Fine Arts Recital Hall.

Nabb and three students will perform “Washington Post Mark,” by John Phillip Sousa and “Seek Ye First,” by Tachelbel. Student performers will be Kylee Lammers, Wood River junior, playing baritone saxophone, Janelle Larson, Omaha sophomore, on the soprano saxophone, and Bryan Bohn, Ravenna junior, playing tenor saxophone. Admission is free and open to the public.

After suffering a stroke in February of 2000, Nabb lost all motor skills on the left side of his body. This tragedy introduced the woodwind player to the reality that he may possibly never perform again. However, Nabb discovered that an East Coast man with similar disabilities was using a one-handed saxophone.

Nabb and Kearney resident Jeff Stelling of Sterling Brass followed up on the instrument and found that it had limitations. Stelling, unimpressed with this design, decided to start from scratch. Using the saxophone body, he purchased the brass and designed the keys so that they could be played solely by Nabb’s right hand.

Nabb believes that the finished product will be finished sometime in the spring. Contributing donors include Jeff Stelling of Sterling Brass, Nebraska Vocational Rehab, UNK Research Services Council, and Yamaha.

This instrument has allowed Nabb to continue to play with his students. “My goal is to do everything that I used to do,” he stated. Nabb hopes that this new saxophone will aid others who can relate to his situation. “It [the prototype saxophone] has saved my life. I can’t live without it,” he commented.